Hi, my name is Rommel.

I named this blog The Sophomore Slump mainly because I had a wordpress blog before it. The first blog gotten into a point where it wasn’t as wrapped into myself as I wanted it to be. I just wanted to a more established blog that I can call my own. I also had Multiply, and I liquidated it as well because it was too self-indulgent. And so I created this blog, something in the middle. I didn’t want it to be so overwhelming so I started slow, doing a picture-lyrics style. I also transferred some of my old entries that I (and my girl) managed to salvage from my old blogs.

Even though the blog was receiving zero to less-than 10 views in a day (or week), I continued on. Blogging is basically our outlet. Other than an outlet for creative growth and sharpening writing skills, it really is a great medium to chronicle life experiences, and share it. The stats really is supposedly just something extra. Well like you and I, who are only human, are reeled in to the stats’ addictive nature.   Still, I think bloggers at least should not forget that core reason why we blog.

The first award is the 7×7 Link Award. Tagged with it is this little activity where I’m supposed to fill in these bullets.

Here we go. *Clasping Palms Together* I’m linking this first hand-outs of awards to these 7 interesting blogs.

  • tita buds’ blog – Come on now, tita buds. I’m giving you the first award so you can’t jump to the bandwagon of this gizmo. You should grant it given the occasion, so to speak.
  • aRvee – Your tourist guide to Cebu. My future destination!
  • Being Arindam – One of the few personal blogs that really sticks out.
  • The Positive Page – The title tells you to smile, seize the day and stay postive.
  • The Writer in the Woods – Pictures, food, places and articulative writing all rolled into one.
  • Gilly Gee
  • orples

My blog views only skyrocketted at the start of this year. I love that I got involved with the wordpress community. It’s not just about the number, but it really is the discussions and the interactions. In many ways it motivated me. I sped up my posting pace. Until I got closer leading to this milestone of my 100th views, I sprinted to get to this point. I had a lot of ideas for the 100th. The first one, I wanted to do a birthday blog but I dismissed it and instead I changed my About section. My blog was “About-less” for one year. What I did was to collect chunks of sentences from previous posts. I love the title, Blog 2.0. The second idea for the 100th was My Amazing Race. It was during the 19th season of TAR when I cooked the idea. My third idea was  picking favorites, doing The Best Of. That goes to the drain. My fifth idea was, since the blog is becoming more and more like a travel blog, I wanted to compost this post entry called Travel Whoa’s and Woes.  My fourth idea was to give awards since I’ve been receiving awards, may not be many, but I can’t just receive them and not pass it forward. I didn’t really like the idea of chain-links. Here I am doing it on my 100th. Well, the real main thing here is it’s my way to reciprocate the appreciations other bloggers have given to me and my blog.

Kaleidoscope World was also one of my options.

My HUGS AWARD recipients are …

  • Poetic Journey – I am returning the favor to PJ. She is living with a sick cell anemia. She pulls her strength and hope from her faith to the high mighty above.
  • Cee’s Life Photography – Above her life struggles is her amazing photographies. This strong woman talked about her dark pasts with grace, honesty and courage.
  • The Man’s Journey – This guy talks deep and sincere. He’s just very good-natured, good soul. Expect goodness all around when you visit his blog.
  • Digital Catharsis (Nelson) – Another family man who features his special ones.
  • 3rdCultureChildren –  3rd Family-filled blog that showcases travels to different 3rd world nations places, people and culture.
  • Jake’s Printer – Last but not the least, Jake. He’s all over the place! I see him everywhere. He offers his time and attention to other blogs. This guy spreads hugs to everyone, why else can I not give him the award.

Change was actually a dream of mine. It was a story of this conservative girl who got badly influenced by the outside world opposite to her through … music. She heard a club song on the radio, and liked the beat. Initially, she just wanted to feel the kind of music that she started partying. All hell breaks loose. She started smoking, doing drugs and *ehem* doing multiple intercourse. There is this long-haired guy in a couch smoking cigarrette in an messy, dimly lit room. He’s the voice in the background to the good girl-gone bad story. He’s talking about basically about the theme of the sotry which is … Change. Of course, it wasn’t vivid but that’s the gist of my dream.

I wanted to write the story except that I’m awful at narration. That’s why I use the this is this, that is that method on my travel posts. None of my posts really fully narrate a story. I hate recalling events. I really have to find creative ways to play around when my post requires a story-telling. I guess best examples of my horibble story-telling are Running with a Bull where I had to post a video, actually I didn’t expected that a lot of commentators wowed to the story. I also reminisced the time when I got Lost in Paris.

The guy was re-appearing in the dream-scenes in parts. Hence, the way I wrote the blogpost is broken down to short paragraphs/sentences. I actually wrote the whole concept of what the guy is talking about that I complete skipped the actual story of the girl. The original title was actually “There is this story …”.

I was given the Kreativ Blog Award. I’m supposed to say 7 things about myself.

  1. I am a forgetful person. It’s been said about 2 or 3 times in this blog.
  2. I am addicted to mountain dew (drink) and chicken thighs (food).
  3. I am a clinger. I choose the people to get close to me and I hang on to them. I crawl my way back even. Not just to people but also to things I’m passionate about as well.
  4. I am a happy-go-lucky kind. It’s a both positive and negative attitude in life.
  5. I am more of an introvert than of an extrovert.
  6. I am a self-proclaimed proud procrastinator.
  7. I have 12 clocks. To include pocket, granfather’s, musical and cuckoo clock.

And the Kreativ Blog (and Bloggers) Award goes to … *drumrolls please*

  • Googsy’s Photography – Every click to a picture glimpse will open a surprise.
  • tita buds’ blog – Chic, hip, fun blog. Watch out for all strikethrough texts. It will make you laugh out loud. Plus, her illustrative drawing.
  • Gilly Gee – Check out her January Small Stones.
  • orples – The guy is a publish writer.
  • Nandini – Creative, Top Photography Blogger
  • L’AltelierPhotography – Being a clock collector, I am impress with his dexterity in watches…and photography.
  • Creativity Aroused – The title alone tells you that the blog belongs to the award. Find the birds. You have got to look at the pictures of the birds.
  • Jo Bryant – Bar-high Photography
  • Sonel’s Corner – Find out what makes her trip to Africa so interesting. Also, check her pictures-tweaking strategies.
  • melonpozdropz – She has got the best sets of sunset…. or rise.
  • Manipal’s Photoblog – A collection of photo from different sources to be handpicked and exhibit to the blog. What it creates is an explosion of stunning photos.
  • Life by Magdelene – This is an excellent photoblog. Check out her entry about canines used in military.
  • frizztext

Intermission: Here’s the creative blogger-slash-talented-photographer-and-musician … Frizztext…

*Sonorous Series of Accolades*

I recently started Featured Blogs to emphasize the blogs I follow. It’s my way to re-blog. To share what I think are the great blogs out there.

My blog is mainly about personal, music and travels. Of course, a little bit of a photoblog. I had movie posts, and I threw in some humor from time to time.

I was given the Versatile Award. I am sharing this award to these outstanding blogs. The past and future featured blogs. *Bring on the Confetti!*

I don’t know what the future holds for this blog. Actually, I do. The blog is mainly going to be about Travel. I’m currently in California, and so there will be a lot of California places to be featured here. I will click, click and click, and see what I can come up with when I go to my next destination, Caramoan and Bohol in Philippines.  I’m still holding onto some places in Italy to include Naples, The LEaning Tower of Pisa and Gondola in Venice. With Spain, I still have Jerez and Rota to cover. I’m still putting on hold the part deux of Surprising Cover Songs. I will still have the annual Albums of the Year and Videos of the Year. I’m also “planning” on Top Movie Acting Performances for the past 5 years. The near future posts will be Venice Beach, Santa Monica, The Birds in La Jolla, Universal Studio, Griffith Park and The Griffith Observatory, Santa Barbara and Hollywood. My most major, realistic bucketlist of places outside California are Las Vegas, Reno, Grand Canyon, New York and Chicago. Iwill be continuing the Weekly Photo Challenge. I will be updating my About section. I might do a Best of post.  I’m flushing out Travel Whoa’s and Woes.

If any of who wants a particular post listed above to be sooner, just let me know and I can rearrange my posting schedule.

The last awards I will be giving is The CandleLight Award.

There you have it folks. This is my way of saying  …. Thank You! Thank you for those who have given me awards. And thanks to everyone I blog with. It’s been fun. It’s a pleasure meeting you all.

To quote Chandler – “Mini-waves in celebration in me … and WOOHOO! Amsterdam loves wordpress, Goodnight!”

*Cork Popped* Let’s go to the After-Party! You are all invited on top of the Eiffel Tower. Bwahahaha.

By the way, if you don’t mind giving me a feedback, I’d like to know what my best post is?

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  1. It must have taken you forever to put this blog together, Rommel. Great job doing it, too. 🙂 Also, thank you for the award nominations. I have a couple to post already and I may do something similar to the way you have complied your blog here today. The last time I posted awards having been nominated for an award by more than one person, I combined the nominators as a group, then, posted the correct number of awards, giving each blogger credit on my sidebar along with the award. I need to get busy with these, it appears. Time keeps slipping away from me. However, that does not make me less grateful for the kudos and the thoughts either way. I will get these posted ASAP. In the meantime, I offer you my heartiest congratulations on your many rewards. You are very deserving of each and every award you’ve received to date, with more sure to follow. Again, thank you, Marcy

    • Yes! After work last night. Then I didn’t finish. During lunch, I didn’t eat. Then, after work again today.

      Love your creativity on your books, orples. Congratulations on your gobs and gobs of awards.

      • Thank you, Rommel for the kudos on my books and the congrats on my awards as well. I need to set some time aside as I have several more I still need to post. I keep the announcements in a ‘blogger’ file, until I’ve actually posted the award so I don’t overlook anyone, or anything. I am getting ready to dive into my 3rd book, which will probably keep me in the shadows for a brief time. I am thrilled you like these little characters. When I was raising my own kids, I looked for books with certain qualities. I’ve tried to make the orples loveable and polite, subtly instilling moral lessons in my young readers. Hopefully, my books will catch on. If not, it won’t be from lack of effort. That’s all any of us can do, is … try. I’m sure you know how the ball bounces. 🙂 Have a great day tomorrow and EAT lunch! 😉

  2. Naks to the max! Congratulations for the awards, Rommel, and salamat! 🙂 I’m about to post my 100th, too, and MAYBE (hehe) I’ll post something like this afterwards.
    Your two posts that I like best (two because they’re for different reasons) — the one about what your father didn’t teach you (because of how heartfelt and full of gratitude it was) and the running of the bulls (because it’s such a unique adventure. It’s THE running of the bulls and maybe a lot of people write about it but rarely does anyone get THAT close to the bull, hahaha).
    You’ve got wonderful plans for the blog. Go, go, go! 🙂

    • You nearing 100th too. Goodie! Something to look forward to. Whatever it will be, I’m sure it’s gonna be grand.

      Thanks to you, tita buds for supporting my blog during the days I wasn’t getting any viewers. I treasure your presence so much not just because of that, also because you are so much fun to interact with. 😀

      And Thanks for providing me the feedback I inquired.

  3. Rommel this post is terrific you worked so hard well done. i love your blog as you know and its difficult to pick a favourite post. As i love travel I think Rose Valley is probably the one for me as it stays in my mind. But your race is also superb! Now that I have followers I sometimes think of reposting things from the start of my blog that didn’t get seen, maybe you should think about that too?
    Thanks so much for choosing me to nominate I’m touched and inspired by you 🙂

  4. I would love to see all your clocks!!! Congrats on all the awards!!! They are so fun to get. I appreciate your comment about me. Thanks so much from the bottom on my heart in your passing the awards on to me.

  5. Many Congats Rommel on your awards, and you really do deserve them. Love your blog and my favourite post must be ‘Ride the Train or Dance in the Rain’ – because I’m definitely a fellow freedom-lover.
    Thank you so much for honouring me as one of your choices for the 7X7 Link Award. Now I have to choose 7 others. I can honestly say you would have been one of my choices – but I guess I can’t do that!

  6. What a great post Rommel. Congrats with all the awards and the same goes to the ones you’ve nominated. Also, thank you for including me as well. That is very kind of you and I will add it to the Kreaviv award I received from dadirridreaming. I really appreciate you thinking of me as well and for the lovely compliment. You are very sweet. 🙂

    • It’s called “Hope”. I posted a link on this post. IT’s on the first award, it is listed as the most popular.

      200th …. loooooong more to go. Took me 1 year and a half to reach 100. Hehe

      Congrats on your Versatile Award.Your blog is one of my most recommended blogs. To see you comment, means a lot.

      • That was my favourite post of yours, it was really beautiful. When I couldn’t find it I thought I must have been dreaming.
        Thanks for the Versatile award. I have been given a few, but I am a bit naughty in that I have not responded. I never know what to say about myself that I think anyone would be interested in.
        Your blog is great….keep on blogging!

    • Thanks Loida. Took me awhile but I got here now. Will be back to regular progamming very soon. Hehe

      How I wished I saw your Baguio post before we went there.

  7. That was huge. That would take me a month to orchestrate that. I love the awards and to the people in which you have bestowed these. You really are quite serious now about your blogging. I am still learning. But I have always kept written journals and various collections of my escapades so blogging is what I do now on the advise of my 15 year old daughter who has also introduced me to Tumblr and I joined because she said none of her friends had. I also love my daughters posts and feel privledged as a mum to be added into her inner cyberspace world. THANK YOU FOR MY KREATIVE BLOG AWARD! i love it.

    • 15 year old in the internet world, I guess it sharpens her ability to share stories and creative skills. 😀

      More power to your blog. 😀

  8. Thankyou for the award. I have not counted how many clocks I have. I used to by wrist watches all the time but now I don’t even wear a watch. You do need a watch if you go to Disneyland though. My cell phone has the time, wall clocks and the computer tell me now what time it is.

  9. Not sure how I missed this….belated congratulations anyway! Have to commend your patience! Favourites would have to be Race and the Rose valley Trails.

  10. My friend, I have been in and out of WordPress for quite a while and a lot of things are happening. First off, you got Freshly Pressed – I am so proud of you as much as I’m proud of The Island Traveler and Sony Fugaban…

    Now, you are passing on to me a 7×7 Link award, thanks for that. “Your guide to Cebu”, wow, hope I give justice to that… Great to know Cebu is on your list of your future destination.

    Thanks for the mention. I wonder why you are surprised with “Ride the train…” – to this day, it’s still one of my favorite posts of yours, don’t know why, maybe because your eloquence shine on that post and all the others…

    Anyways, congrats, you deserve all of the awards. You are such a very talented guy.

    Stay blessed and stay safe always…

    • I really appreciate all the comments you make, Arvee. Thanks for all the support. Ride the train… remains memorable now because of you.
      You are a great, true ambassor of your birthplace.

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