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is a Weekly Photo Challenge god. He does WPC through his skills of graphic designs. It’s JakesPrinters and his blog Time After Time. As a matter of fact, the whole blog is all about WPC entries. He even started his own photo challenge, Sunday Weekly Post, that is being participated by a lot of other wordpressers. His blog is an impressive wide collection of WPC done with graphic arts. Moreover, he’s one friendly blogger who reaches to almost anybody he comes across.

My favorite is titled The New Beginning, his entry for WPC’s HOPE.

Also, if you are participating in postaweek or postaday, you can use one of his modified logo badges. I’m using one actually. No worry, like said, he is one friendly fellow. He’d be glad to have you use the logos.

My submission for the recent WPC is a set of concert pictures.

The last one is not distorted. *sticks out tongue* It’s just one of my proudest. Haven’t had a chance to show it to my blog.

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  1. And so you should be proud its fabulous, they are all good, who was performing?
    Great to see you praising Jake, he is a genuinely lovely guy 🙂

  2. I can feel the sense of excitement , the great music just watching the play of colors, lights, and textures of the images. Well done indeed. The last concert I been to made my jump as we sing the lyrics…it was a lot of fun . That was so long ago, thanks for the trip down memory lane…

  3. Always difficult getting good shots at a concert – I really like that crowd shot at the top. The movement really capture the atmosphere 🙂

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