Hi, my name is Rommel. You are viewing The Sophomore Slump v. 2.2. And this is my 200th post. Followers and alike, I hope you enjoy…

May I borrow your precious time as it took 471 days for me to finish this 200th post. I have a lot here so I go start with the meat of my 200th post. I beg of you to read them. Not just beacuse I browsed and sifted through countless of blogposts to compose this, but mainly because these are words that were put together by your fellow WordPress bloggers.

  • In my mind, it’s not always about the end result — it’s about the journey, the experience, the stories behind the faces and the paintings. We are human, after all. If we can find ways to engage with each other through inspiration and meaningful conversations, then why not? Being able to use art as a vehicle to connect with each other is a beautiful thing.

— desiree on The Heart of Community: Paint Ventura 2012 from desiree east

  • When I read blogs, it’s like traveling from world to world to world to world…The pretty change in themes, the shift of colors, the variety of writing voices…they make me lose myself in the beautiful thoughts of others.

— Gracious, On the Reasons I Read Blogs from A Gracious Life

Pre-100th, I have variety in my entries. It quickly became a travel blog more than anything else. I also started doing Weekly Photo Challenge that greatly boosts readership for me, and so I do encourage it for other bloggers as well esp. newer blogs. Thanks to tita buds, my greatest inspiration in the blogging world… I admit I acquired a lot of pointers from her.

  • Lessons learned: first, everyone, including stodgy parents and strict university chancellors, appreciates little shots of silliness in their life; and second, writing is at its best and most enjoyable when it reflects how one really feels, thinks and is.

— by tita buds on Let The Sunshine In” from tita bud’s blog

  • I like to think of each connection I make in our blogosphere as a window into another world, an opportunity to learn about other ways of life, other cultures, and to meet other people. Sometimes, the connections we make with these interesting strangers around the world are so real they can elicit the miracle of human empathy – gladness, sadness, joy and sorrow float from window to window with the speed of a ‘publish’ button.

— Meredith on “Blogging? A Window on the World” from The Wanderlust Gene

Shortly after my 100th, I got Freshly Pressed. “A” great accomplishment for a blogger. Being FP’ed wasn’t really what triggers my great following. I believe, really, it was after my visit to Philippine that my blog skyrocketed.

  • When we travel we try to seek out unique experiences outside the loop of standard tourist itineraries.

— Madhu on “Laitian Ancient Town” from The Urge To Wonder

  • There is no better way to learn about a new place than to be out there on the road taking in the sights and sounds and smells of the location….

    When I have finished I have gained a better understanding of the area. I have felt the earth under my feet and the wind in my hair. No longer am I just a tourist traveling through because I have gone where the locals go and I have been chased by their dogs. I am now part of the community.

— 7feetnorth on “morning run” from 7feethnorth

I am not that great with words as compared to many great bloggers. It doesn’t stop me from there. Blogging has become my television, my movie theater, my book, my museum, my music studio, and my street, my special spot. I realized my strength is more on taking pictures. I’m not a real photographer, but it did became my focus. However, I still believe that the very ingredient is my desire for traveling.

  • I’ve never been interested in creating images that might look okay stuck to someone’s fridge; I need to make serious art, and that’s exactly what I do.

— Allan on A Lens on Life from Modes of Flight

  • In everyday life, repetition can often seem tedious. However, with creative use in photographs, repetition can give an image a real impact.

— Marianne on REPETITION from East of Malaga

  • … why we find everyday life in strange countries that we visit, far more interesting, and photo worthy, than we do our own everyday life…. We don’t usually go around taking photos of workers going about their daily routines at home, so why do you think that we do it on holiday?… don’t know about you, but I wouldn’t dream of going up to my local fish counter with camera poised at the ready. I guess it’s just so nice to visit a different kind of everyday life, and that’s why we take vacations.

— Adin on “Everyday Life” from A Day In Paradise

  • Through photography my senses are being reawakened. When I photograph a bee I smell the pollen as it settles on its wings. A gull’s song fills my ears as I try to capture it flying overhead. The waves cool and soften my skin as I wade in for a closer shot. Zooming in on a strawberry its crisp sweetness smothers my tongue. Stopping to capture a moment, I see worlds that previously I had passed by.

— Jo Bryant on “Simple Pleasures” from Chronicles of Illusions


  • P.S. When that little voice speaks, listen.

— orples on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Hands” from Orples: How it came to be, and other interesting stuff

  • That’s the human tendency, a person is only afraid of getting wet until he gets few drops of water on his body, just like a person is afraid of becoming a loser until he has anything to lose.

— Arindam on I too had a Love Story” from Being Arindam

  • Loosen a strand of needless time, undo the need to have a key.

Felicia Flujan, Undone from My Voyage Through Time

My respond to 7×7 Award: Entries are post-100th posts

1. Most Helpful: DIY: How to make a Parachute Bracelet – Thank you for all those who pinnedterest/pinterested this post.
2. Most Popular:BLUE & Hands: Snorkeling in Balicasag Island – This is like a freshly pressed post. At one good period, it never left my Top Posts and Pages. It gathered 122 comments, 280 likes and 2,111 views!
3. Most Beautiful Piece: Once In A Blue Moon – I don’t really know.
4. Most Pride Worthy: My 7 Super Shots! – Figures.

  • I may have faith enough to move mountains, but without love, I am nothing.

— Paula on BIG from Lost in Translation

What am I going to paint? What is in you? Who are you? What do you want to paint about?
What are your true feelings inside you. What have been your true feelings? What have you been dealing with?
Ah ha! with that question I knew it was easy.

— Carla Saunders on “What Are My True Feelings? Expressing them in paint – Calistoga from Carla Saunder’s Blog

  • In our now, every event that happens seems to be of vital importance, every step we take, every little thing we see, every person we meet, all that we touch, smell, come across; but then we move into our future and most of these small significances begin to slowly blur into oblivion. What we are left with are very few salient moments that remain vivid in our minds and hearts for so many different reasons. But what lies hidden in the blur carries so much significance. It may lay dormant in our unconscious, but it is very much part of who and what we are today isn’t it?

— Mimo Khair on The Walk of Selective Focus from Images and Journeys of a Searching Mind


5. Most Controversial: WTF! My pictures are on somebody else’s blog? – Ahhh, and I still don’t do watermarks. I tried but it takes me years to upload one picture.

6. Most Surprisingly Successful: A lot of Sweet Nothings in Black’s Beach aka Nude Beach – Go figure what the best search words and phrases for my blog. 😀

7. Most Underrated: The Jelly Experience [Exhibit III] – 😦

  • Life isn’t perfect. And for a good reason. It’s only when you have the bad days that you appreciate the good. If not, what’s the difference? And like a block of really good dark chocolate, it’s the bitter bits that bring out the intensity and flavour of the cocoa.

— happysherlock on One chocolate muffin at a time from bullfrogs symposium: a celebration of life

  • Evil invades the most precious places of our souls. It robs us. It mocks us. It pits us against each other, and it knows no boundaries….as much as it takes away….it can not steal our hope and faith.

— Angelia Sims, Ripping The Veil from Living, Loving, Laughing

  • Even in the midst of happiness and doing all the things we love, there is pleasure and there is pain. We pick our pathway and march on knowing that if we stay grounded; joyfully grounded, the journey will yield many wonderful experiences. To be happy where we are is to be content with both our good and bad choices. To be happy with who we are is to embrace our gifts and gaffes.

— Eliz on “Inspiration: A Taste on Balancefrom Mirth and Motivation

I did Featured Blogs prior 100th but it really comes together more and more on later periods. I don’t do a lot of Award responses. I gratefully appreciate all of it. I do Linkage posts such as what I am doing now where I highlight other blogs, make testimonials and featuring them. I know a lot of bloggers who are doing the same thing now. It’s a great thing to do blog shares because it lets other bloggers see your appreciation to their hard-maintained blogs. There are plenty of Freshly Pressed worthy posts out there. I choose to share those that WordPress juries don’t see.

  • We are a community, scattered throughout the interconnected global world that is fast paced and ever-changing. We are a community that celebrates diversity – customs, culture, languages, art and food. We are a community that shares our voices through poetry, music, dance, humour, art, and photography. We are a community that is strong, courageous and tolerant. We are a community that wants to be a positive force for transformation – together.

— Clanmother on “Celebrating Our Blogging Community” from Clanmother

  • ” Being solitary, we learn to connect with ourselves before connecting with others, to be kind to ourselves so we can be kind to others, and when to let go. ”

— Amy, Solitary from The World is a Book

  • Maybe we are all just looking for something to belong to. Perhaps we hope that one day we can live up to the standards we advertise with our words, wear on our shirts, our necks, our arms and our hands. But in the meantime….is it so hard to just give up our seat to a family…or help an old man move his car??…

— onestreetshy on “A state of Hypocrisy – A Rant Session” from One Street Shy

I’m responding to the Kreativ Award with 7 facts about me.

1. I once went out with friends so that I can learn how to play golf. At the end of the day, I only found out that I can juggle three golf balls. And that’s without prior practice or trials, I just instantly got it.

2. I hate people who are using their cellphone while driving.

3. A man knocked on my car window once after midnight. He signaled me to roll down the window so he can speak to me. At first, I was shaking my head saying no, but eventually did open it. He begged me to drive him. I thought about it. In the end, I let a hitchhiker into my car and drove him for a good 3 miles. I came back home with no scar, and the good ol’ camera stayed in the car.

If I admitted him into my world where could I turn
had this stranger turned out to be an evil spawn?

–Imelda on The Samaritan’s Dilemma” from My Word Wall

What if there were two buttons each day that you could push, one marked PERFECTION and one marked SURPRISE?
Which one would you push?

— Russel Ray on “I’m pushing the SURPRISE button!” from Russel Ray Photos

Continue …

4. My greatest fear is …. expectation.
5. I’ve been blogging since 2008, first with Multiply.com
6. My most admired director is Christopher Nolan.
7. I never had a pet.

  • I’m amused easily. I’m also a people watcher. Add these two together and you can have endless entertainment! Who needs television when you have a brain like mine?

— Latimer and Ridley on “Easily Amused” from M. Latimer-Ridley

  • I would empty my mind so I can truly listen to what’s important in my life. I found my serenity and it was beautiful.

— The Island Traveler on “The Path of the Island Traveler” from this man’s journey

I started doing special posts just a little more than 10 posts ago. I did a DIY post, a poem post, a puzzle post, and posts that were overwhelming for me to compose like the Travel Whoas and Woes, My 7 Super Shots, etc. If you haven’t noticed it yet, my Special Reports are now a Page in my Menu Bar.

  • I’m tempted to walk home. It would be a long walk but it would be a happy one.

— Juan Castillo Jr. onWell hello peace” from Tales from a Nut Shell cracked open

  • Amazingly, the mist of gloom from my day has suddenly lifted, perhaps because I made the effort to clear my mind and write without a worry. How nice it is to witness the world in color, dive happily … and finally accept whatever comes my way.

— Sunshine on “A splash of color to make you or break you” from Simply Charming

  • …And it was good … disappearing … not quite like putting on The Ring of the Hobbit Tale but it felt near enough ….

— poppytump on “Simple Pleasures” from poppytump@number4

  • “Can I have ranch dressing with that?” Luis, the lovely owner/waiter replied, “No, you cannot, you are in Italia and you will have Italian dressing. It will be so much better and you will like it.”

— Debra on “The things people say” from Bagni Di Lucca

I also did Flashback Friday. Most of my current travel destinations now are in California. flashback Friday is a way for me to revisit my travel destinations outside America. I also get to re-post my old blog posts and re-create it in different approaches. I get successful feedback every time to all my Flashback Friday posts.

  • It’s interesting about concepts. They motivate people. If you grasp the concept, you can communicate it

— Marsha Lee on “Concept” from Marsha Lee

  • We began our new life of living on the road with excitement, tempered with a dose of anxiety. Now, eight months later, our measured decision has been rewarded with contentment and simple happiness. As wanderers, we are blessed to discover, enjoy and explore so many places we’ve never seen. We have been in awe of the natural beauty surrounding us. The challenges we initially encountered were overcome. We think we’re ready to face just about anything down the road. We met new friends along the way, while staying connected with the old ones. The places we’ve been and the experiences we’ve had so far are memorable and inspiring.

— Mona Liza and Steve on “What A Year It Was!” from The Lowe’s RVAdventures

The Sophomore Slump 2 has acquired 1,625 followers, 8,919 likes, and 5,516 comments.

My Top Ten Posts of All Time:

  1. Rose Valley Falls Trail in Ojai
  2. Blue & Hands: Snorkeling in Balicasag Island
  3. Ride the train, dance in the rain or feel no pain?
  4. My Amazing Race
  5. Bohol, Philippines
  6. It’s More Fun in the Philippines (part deux)
  7. Solitary Walk: Venice Canals
  8. Virgin Island in Bohol, Philippines
  9. A Lot of Sweet Nothings in Black’s Beach aka Nude Beach
  10. My 7 Super Shots!
Rat race: Moving quickly, Focused, Thinking of the goal And not paying attention To family, to friends, to those around me.
I have lost my soul, My humanity, My sense of self. I have become one with the pack as I move towards a goal Set by another.
Rat race: When will it end? When will I be free? Of the strings that pull me along and Of the demands that take away
My serenity, My joy, My companionship. I wish to break free of the group, of the rush to finish first, of the rat race. So I can be free to be me.

— Colline on The Rat Race from Colline’s Blog

Bohol, Philippines

  • Just prior to the sun bidding farewell, laughter and the pounding of horses’ hooves can be heard as campers enjoy a sunset ride along the lake. Locusts, crickets, and all matter of creepy-crawly creatures move to the rhythms of the night. Coyotes circle around, whether to howl at the full moon or to serenade us, who can know? Their cadence quickens to a piercing cacophony of shrieks and howls. Most likely they are banding together for the kill, hopefully not one of the shy jackrabbits we see bounding around our camp site. Such is the symphony at sunset in these parts.

— LuAnn and Terry on “Symphony At Sunset” from Paint your Landscape

Thank You for the continuing support to The Sophomore Slump 2. Thank you for all the likes, comments, following, re-blogs, shares, and thank you for your posts and your friendship. I hope you enjoyed traveling with me. I hope you continue to ride along and see what I see through my lens.

  • I thanked the mountains for teaching me to see things in a higher perspective. The green leaves of the trees and grasses over the mountains taught me to appreciate and respect what is left on the earth’s surface and to live by the mountaineer’s creed: to take nothing but pictures, leave nothing but footprints, and kill nothing but time.

— Sony Fugaban on “Life Lessons from My First Solo Travel” from The Stories of My Wandering Feet (& Mind)

The upcoming, future posts, I will be taking you to Malibu, Santa Barbara, San Diego Contemporary Museum, LACMA, Joshua Tree National Park, Palm Springs, Buenaventura, Fremont City, Los Banos, Muir Beach, San Francisco, Point Reyes, Palm Springs Aerial Tram, Half Moon Bay, 29 Palms, Route 66, Coachella Valley, San Juan Capistrano, Hoover Dam, and many more …

 How can you end something

thats got you questioning your heart and mind?

— PJ on Trouble Heart from Poetic Journey

  • The best things that I did and learnt this year are –
    • Meeting and interacting with locals on all travels. This took our holiday on a whole new level by helping us experience places like locals and actually discovering so many more exciting things for ourselves.
    • Experience of our visit to the Floating Village in Siem Reap.
    • Breaking bones with a typical Thai massage (a must do though and I’ll go again if possible).

— Snigdha on “2012, the year that went by and 2013, the year to come” from GetSetAndGo

Thank you for viewing my 200th. For those who are included that are not on my Featured Blogs yet, I will be adding you as my Featured Blogs. For those I didn’t include, please don’t be discouraged. I got so many blogs I here. This is post is too hard to finish. I hope you understand. If not, you all enjoy reading the quotes. Know that I will be keeping an eye out for your blogs. Thank You, more power and have fun blogging.

You are all invited for the After-Party on San Francisco Golden Gate Bridge. 😀

And last but not the least, I HATE YOU ALL!

[Disclaimer: I stole the quotes from the bloggers. I included links to their blogs, but didn’t ask permission. If I quoted you, you can ask me to retract what I shared here.]

Silence can be found in the noisiest place
if only you seek.
There is gold  right here shining through waiting for you
you can just reach out.
Love waits for you now pure everlasting caring
ask it will be yours.

— Gilly on “January Small Stones #5″ from Lucid Gypsy

I will let …

Kat B. on “Important Life Lessons that Family Travel has Taught Me” from Travel. Garden. Eat

end this post. Hit it ….

1.  Hearkening to Mary Oliver’s sage advice, be amazed and allow yourself to experience the wonder of things.

2.  Don’t give up; while the journey may be long and hard, the goal is often worth the effort.

3.  Teach your children that our natural world is more entertaining than any movie or video game.

4.  Be kind to everyone and everything, wherever you are.

5.  Be adventurous and stretch the edges of your comfort zone.

6.  Appreciate the little things in life.

7.  Set your plans aside from time to time and just enjoy the present.

8.  Let music fill your soul and mark your memory.

9.  Don’t dwell on the past, but study and respect what we have learned from those who lived before us.

10.  La vita e breve — life is short.

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  1. Absolute congratulations on your 200th post!! 😀 Talk about a lot of work gone into it, it’s amazing! I love all the quotes from the different blogs and we’re absolutely honoured that you included us in there. Thanks Rommel!!

  2. It truly is an honor to know you and share blog posts with you. I love ALL the quotes you have chosen. You have highlighted what being a part of the blogging community is really about. Sharing our hearts for the the love of blogging and reaching out. The quotes are very special and heart-felt. It means so much more because you took the time to put this together. I look forward to your next 200 posts! 😀

    • Another 200!!! Palpitation alert! Thank you my one of my best blogging friends. As much as pain it took me to put them together, it was fun reading and browsing blogs.

  3. Awesome job Rommel! Thanks for giving me some props here! I didn’t know you were FP!
    Nice… Oh and you don’t need to call me flujan. My name is Felicia.

    • Yours was quite hard to find, and one of the few firsts when I started creating it a little over a month ago. 😀 Thank you, Felicia. Such simple and powerful words.

  4. Congratulations Rommel on your 200th post! Also, thank you not only for including me, but all of us. What a cool idea for a post btw….now I have even more blogs to read!

  5. Hi, I am Joyce. I am viewing The Sophomore Slump v. 2.2. And this is your 200th post. I am a follower and I enjoyed this post so much! ♥ There is so much to love on this world, thanks for sharing things Rommel. You did a great job, may you be blessed everyday.

    I also don’t like expectations, it’s just too much. lol!

    • Thank you, Joyce. On hating expectation, it works both ways. I hate people expecting me to do something as much as I loathe to expect something from others.

  6. A brilliant and profound post!!! Congratulations! I am glad that we connected over the blogger miles – there are many more adventures waiting for us. Baton down the hatches. We are heading out to open sea…

  7. A myriad congratulations on your 200th post, Rommel. What a marvelous miscellany of quotes and wonderful photos. btw…..what on earth are you doing down that hole? 🙂 Thanks for considering my thoughts as worthy of repeating here. I’m honoured. I love this bit of advice the best: “Be kind to everyone and everything, wherever you are.” If we all did this, the world would be an even more wonderful place. Love your magical header pic, and the reflection in the side mirror is beyond awesome. Wishing you a great blogging year and good health and happiness into the bargain. 🙂

    • I was quite hesitant to put my portraits there. 😀 I decided to brave it up like I did on my 100th. You are such a great blogger, and I know I have to have to include you. For the love of wordpress, I could not find anything from your blog that I wanted. I started inputting quotes a little over a month ago, and I always go to your blog every time I go to my Draft. I only found what I can use….yesterday 😀 . Glad to have met you, Adin. It was fun browsing through your blog. 😀

  8. I’m totally stunned by the work you’ve put into. You read hundreds of posts then selected and weaved all quotes carefully into this beautiful post, and you did not forget to tell stories… Genius, Rommel! Thank you so much for choosing a quote from my post, I’m honored to be on your 200 post. Will be back to read all over again.

    • I was so afraid that not many will read it as it is. I’m glad readers seem to have followed the flow the way I intend to. I’m glad that the concepts were, I guess, easy to grasp. Thank you, Amy. How can I dismiss you, really. 😀

      • Hi Rommel, I’m so thrilled to see so many bloggers and readers are responding to your post #200. It’s such a brilliant idea of pulling quotes from bloggers, then blending with acknowledgments and your stories. All flow so perfectly together. The task has to be enormous. Genius! Wanna thank you again for digging out a small line from my posts. Have a great week!

  9. Congratulations, Rommel! You have come a long way and I don’t just mean in the number of posts. The quality of your posts has gotten better and better along with the surge in your confidence in your blogging. In fact, you shouldn’t be calling it a ‘slump’ anymore because you’re obviously on a blogging high now. 🙂

    And no, I don’t mind your quoting me here. I am in fact honored and I truly ‘appreciate your appreciation’, hehe. You have always been very gracious about your blog’s success and I am glad to have inspired you to trust in your abilities and to put more of your real self into your posts. BUT like I told you before, it was you who did everything. Well done, my friend! 🙂

    • I appreciate your appreciaton to my appreciation. 😀 Drop like every month or two months or quarter-year. It “don’t” matter. As long as we know you’re okay. Have fun, good luck in what you do, stay safe and sound. 😀 Er….. Sorry I can’t help it….. Thanks for the inspirations. 😀

  10. Congratulations on your 200th blog and on the mention. This is such an amazing post, how you have weaved other bloggers’ thoughts throughout at just the appropriate place. Your generous spirit always touches me and I am so looking forward to meeting you. Have a fabulous weekend. 🙂

      • I feel honored to be in that category. 🙂 I am working on a photo challenge, although a little late. Can’t seem to get all my photos to stay in alphabetical order when I put them into the gallery so may have to go with what I have…perhaps tomorrow.

    • Sorry, Russel Ray, I haven’t been to your blog. I’ll go camp on your blog some time. 😀 Love your quote here. Such excellecent, awesome thought you injected to our minds. 😀 Glad to hear you and Marsha met. I also saw the pic where you were taking pictures of the food. 😀

  11. Congrats on your 200th post, Rommel, and thanks for including me and these other great bloggers in it. I will def try my best to make the time and check them all out! Great job on bringing the blogging community together, you have quite a gift for that…Congrats and Happy New Year!!

  12. i hate you too, rommel!! :p ha!
    so, 471 days and how many cans of mountain dew to complete this absolutely amazing, AMAZING masterpiece of yours??

    seriously, many heart thanks to you for your thoughtful, creative and innovating blog posts…you truly inspire us to be more compassionate in our blog life. >>so happy to have met you<<

    *bowing in deep gratitude*
    (i'm bookmarking this to read up on all your recommendations…you are a blessing to this community. thank you. again.)

    • Bwahahaha! Your awesome blog interrupted my progress. 😀 you must know, I re-read a lot of your blogpost. 😀
      I got caught! ahihihihi … I drink Mountain Dew whenever I compose. It keeps me alert, and my hands busy esp. when my puny mind doesn’t what to cooperate. Thank you Sunshine, you’re simply charming. 😀

  13. Rommel, what a wonderful compilation of inspiring words and images. I am honored to be included among such an esteemed and inspirational bunch and look forward to exploring some of the blogs you mentioned in this lovely retrospective. Onward to post #201! ~ Kat

  14. Rommel, Rommel, you are a most amazing friend. This is one of the best posts I’ve read all time. You are magical, the feelings that you create in this blog. It’s always great to be quoted, but in this way, where it weaves into a story, a philosophy, it is marvelous. I know many of the community you quote, and I smile because I know them. But you blend yourself into the mix, and that makes it genius. We all see ourselves blended into this amazingly REAL community of people who love and care for each other throughout the WORLD. Without ever seeing each other, hearing others’ voices, shaking their hands or giving them a hug, we KNOW each other. It is the most amazing experience ever. It is MY theater, television, school, travelogue, too! It is my entertainment, and has become part of my reality. Though I’ve never met you, you are part of my life. How amazing is that??? I am honored to be included in your 200th post. Thank you, thank you, thank you! And congratulations, and may you have many, many more. 🙂 Lots of love to you and your blogging world. 🙂

    • I went to your blog plenty of times to find what I can use. 😀 Seriously, I read stories from bloggers that are way better than romance flicks. That’s how I know I stick to blogging than clicking remote controls endlessly. Thanks for all the shares from your blog. And, it was seeing other bloggers featuring other blogs like you are doing now. 😉

      • I know – and you started it!!! Thanks for all the encouragement and help you’ve given me. I love to post stuff I’m doing, but you connect into so me really deep feelings and beliefs that I think we all feel and share. I think that blogging is such an amazing phenomenon that we all grapple with why in the world it is so important to us and so all consuming. I just got an email from Ralph who is all blogged out, and I missed a meeting last night because I was blogging, and I forgot totally! It seems to intercede and supercede into and over our real lives, which it shouldn’t. You are attempting to deal with that wonder in your beautiful blog post, that I know took you hours and days to put together. Your blogging community loves you, and appreciates your hard work and deep thoughts! 🙂

  15. congrats on your 200th post. there is so much here, I’m going to have to come back and read the rest perhaps tomorrow. but I really enjoyed the quotes I did read as well as the advice at the end. Very inspiring! I love blogging too and am happy to have found your blog. Keep up the great work!

  16. Well, now I really want to meet you! What an amazing post. That took a lot of work and time. I am honored to be one of the people whose blog you mentioned. Thank you. There is a lot of good advice here – good photos, websites – a lot of good people. Congratulations on a job well done.

    • I must be reminded when I go up North. When I went there last month, it was kind of shoot from the hip decision. And, I’m just a very forgetful person. Oh, my alibis…. 😀

  17. What a mind dizzying task you set yourself Rommel for your 200th ! and a real Tour De Force it is too, with the way you have threaded everything together so beautifully 😉
    I am really honoured to have a mention as my posts really revolve around photos & snippets so *Thank You* so much for having taken the time to have a look .
    You have highlighted some incredible blogs here which seem to encompass all the goodliness in a community of people whether suppporting, entertaining ,travelling, enlightening others along the way with their knowledge, kindness, humour and openess .
    Have another fantastic year .. your followers beg of thee to Go Rommel Go in search of more experiences with photographs to tell of …

    • I actually have so much piled up to show. I’m done with Super posts. Hehe. I’m ready for regular posts.
      Poppy! I know, your blog is mostly a line or two. And your blog set-up shows pictures which is great for surprises when I open a post 😀 , but it was hard when I was trying to find something. I’m not complaining, okay, I love surprises. I’m just so glad I found something that I can use because I really want to include you. In time, I will put your blog to my Feature Blogs Page.

  18. What a great post, Rommel. You are a very creative person. I’ve never ever read a post like this one. It summarizes your whole blogging journey till now and the best thing is that you took time to make each one of us part of your wonderful journey. I wish you all the happiness and success my friend. Keep up the great work going.
    And thanks a lot for making my book part of your widget section. It means a lot.

  19. Dear Rommel, I am speechless this is such an amazing post. It must have taken you hours to gather it all together and its unique, like Arindam I’ve never seen anything like it before. Every time I visit you I come away smiling, happy and having learnt or seen something new. I am really touched to see my funny little poem included with all these great pieces. Keep doing what you do so brilliantly you’re the best!

  20. Congratulations Rommel 🙂
    This was so perfectly laid out, I enjoyed reading and following your personal journey. The credits to those fellow bloggers that have impacted you in various ways was brilliant. It is a true testament to your character and to what a global connection we bloggers have to fellow humans. Regardless of culture differences.
    You have much to offer the world of bloggers – you bring us your views of beautiful, unusual places that many of us only dream of. I look forward to more in this new year. Peace.

    • Thank you! As much pain as it was putting it together, reading it now is such a fulfillment. It is just fair as I get a lot of things from blogging, and I am just sharing what I am amazed at from reading blogs.

  21. What a wonderful idea for a post – sharing your favourite bits from all over. I know I am going to use this as a jumping board to meet some as yet unknown bloggers. And thank you for the compliment you have given me in quoting one of my poems.

  22. Oh my goodness. Rommel this is such an incredible post…I can’t imagine how long it took to put this all together. What a journey you took me on through it. Which is what yo do whenever I visit. I an so honoured that you included a piece of me on here. The Mofman stopped by and said he ‘got’ the quote with a link which I am grateful for. I would not have missed this post for the world. You are such a joy to know. Thank you for being part of my world and for your wonderful blog and I really look forward to seing what you come up with in the future.

    • Well hello there Jo. I looked at your blog the most times out of all. I am so so so glad for what you’ve written there. It was so beautifully said, and it’s so perfect for this post. Thank you Jo for your outstanding blog, and for all the support.

  23. What an excellent post for your 200th, Rommel. That’s such a HUGE post and lots of work, but so worth it.

    Congratulations and I’m so glad we found each other in the Blogosphere 🙂

  24. Simply wow. Even though everyone else has said it, it’s quite an accomplishment to get to your 200th. This post itself must have taken a while to aggregate from all your previous blogs and seems like 10 blogs in itself!

    • Ahihihi… I actually thought of doind a part 1 and 2, but I wanted it just one 200th post. It wont make sense if I do two parts. And I think the lay out is just fine, and coherent as one whole post. Thanks for the comment and visit. 😀

  25. Hello, congratulations to your 200th post!Wow! You really did take time to collect all these “quotations”, they’re nice and very inspiring I guess to everyone who’s blogging… 🙂

  26. Congratulations again on your milestone post. May you have many more. I admire your generosity a lot – I can only imagine how much time it took you to read and choose other’s blog posts and to let them share space in your own blog post, a very important one at that. 🙂 Mabuhay ka and may you have more bloggy friends and followers. 🙂

    • Thanks, Imelda! You changed the title of that post, didn’t you? I’m really just curious. I started making this post a bit longer than a month, and yours was one of my earlier quote entries I put. 😉

    • Thanks Mona Liza and Terry for sharing your travel stories. 😀 It took me awhile to reach 200 actually. I looked forward to it way way ago. 😀 i was itching to reach it, but I still slowed down on publishing posts. Even when I thought I would be done the next day, I still finished another extra two days. I’m very glad I finally finished it, it was a journey as well putting it together.

  27. Congratulations on your 200th post! What an amazing post. You really did a great job capturing the blogging community and what a wide range of talent and variety there is out there. I feel honored to be mentioned in your post! I enjoyed reading all of the quotes and checking out some new blogs!

  28. Once again you’ve outdone yourself! This post is a work of art, pulling together so many wonderful quotes and celebrating your 200th post in this way is why you have such a very popular blog, Rommel! This was really lovely! And major congratulations on such a winning number. 🙂

    • Sorry, Debra. You must know that I visit your blog regularly. Sorry if I couldn’t use any from your blog. I hope, at least, you enjoyed reading the post.

  29. A fabulous 200th Rommel, it must have taken ages to construct. But nothing less than expected from you; you always put so much work into what you do. You give a lot and consequently you get a lot back. Look at your amazing band of followers! Love the quotes. Now you can work towards the big 300! 🙂

    • Jude! Thank you so much. Know that I scanned your writing blog from when I first met you. Sorry, if I didn’t get to use any. Hope you had fun reading it.

  30. Whoa! 🙂 My, my, my! Congratulations and big props on this huge effort for your 200th post! I am so proud of you and always delighted to call you my blog friend! 😉 Keep on blogging! 🙂
    Thank you for the mention on balance.

    • Urgh! Eliz, it’s hard to find one quote from you as there so many inspirational words I can choose from your blog. Thank you, know that you’ll always be included in my posts like this. 😉

  31. Wow this is an incredible post! And the amount of effort that has gone in! I love how you constantly pull the blogging community together and you are a big part of the warmth I’ve experienced from the wordpress community. I’m looking forward to more posts and fantastic photos!

  32. Aha! So this explains why more has flocked to my place. => Thanks, thanks Rommel. This took awhile. I’ve been through hell and back then up in the clouds. Lol! As usual, you have put in so much time, heart, thought and effort in this post. Just when I thought you’ve pulled all the stops in your previous great posts, you come up with this. Sheer respect and quality blogging! And you know what the best thing is? I could imagine you being so happy doing it.

    • The quote I got from you was easy to find, but a lot of these blogs, I tell yah, I was frustrated. Shhhh! But frustration often results to a relief. 😀
      Your quote was an incredible opener for my 200th as well as desiree’s, and I thank you both for that. And, I think you two have the most number of clicks from this post. 😀
      Thank you for the quote. Geez to you awhile to get here. 😀

  33. What a marvelous 200th post Rommel!! My mind boggles at the amount of time and effort this must have taken! Congratulations my friend, and thank you for making me feel like a celebrity 😀 It has been an absolute pleasure to be part of your journey. Here’s wishing you continued success in whatever you do!
    PS: The link to my post didn’t work, or I would have gotten here sooner 🙂

  34. Congratulations on your Journey and in your fascinating 200th post I just found your blog but I truly enjoy a lot, reading and checking out your photo shared in here plus plus some new featured blog to check ….

  35. Love the chartreuse and splash of red against the all-blue background. But I think I might like the original (second) cropping even better than the “panoramic” view. Both are great, however.

  36. Reblogged this on AngelineM's Blog and commented:
    I ran a little sort of contest in my post “R is for…”, and Rommel sort of won. The prize I decided upon was his picking a post he wanted me to Reblog. This is it, and if you read anything today, read this. Bravo, Rommel. I’m glad you won, this post is inspirational!

  37. You have showed us the true spirit of blogging. Your effor has yielded an amazing compilation of the witt and wisdom of our WP community. My best to you Rommel, Paula.

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