La Jolla in San Diego, California



Are you not settled with just pictures of seals, birds and the Birch Aquarium? Wheeling It  recently posted something more about La Jolla.

Follow their RV from Alaska down to Florida. Get RV tips and ratings. See trails, routes, highways, all kinds of destinations.

My favorite is the one I so long been dreaming of going to,  Mammoth Lake.

If you are in the U.S. and their RV covers your state, you just have to have to have to check this blog out. It is a highly reliable source for your RV-ing and traveling inquiries.

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    • The Kayak? There’s a lot more to explore when you do kayaking in La Jolla. My featured blog did a recent post about kayaking in La Jolla. I couldn’t do it. Not much people I was with. 😦

      • Actually, what caught my eye were the rocks in the forefront of the photo. But really, all of the pictures are lovely. I think I would hesitate to kayak down the river myself. Although, I wouldn’t mind paddling it around in calm waters.

    • From a true photographer like you, big thanks. I actually changed the brightness of my camera to make the rays stand-out. It came out too dark, but very presentable.

  1. Although it seems a little cramped compared to our beaches here in the Philippines (ang yabang ko, hahaha!), that looks like a nice place to walk around in. 🙂

    • Yes, it is crowded. People in the way too. Hehe. It’s okay, challenge for taking pictures. And there are many points anyway and it stretches far.

      Punta ko Pinas next month!

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