Rests of Europe

My Amazing Race

As a way to revisit my blog before I hit my 100th post on my next post, I’m traveling back in time and places … The Amazing Race style.

Is everybody ready? Alright, let’s get this race started. The world is waiting for you. On my mark, travel safe, Go!

Paris:  Lost in Paris [From the Category Cloud: Rest of Europe]

  • Season 1: Leg 2 Roadblock
  • Season 1: Leg 2 Pitstop (Arch de Tromphe)
  • Season 1: Leg 3 Place du Chatelet
  • Season 4: Leg 4

Italy: [Category Cloud: Italy]

  • Rome – Season 1: Leg 6 Roadblock, Fast Forward (Colloseo)
  • Venice – Season 4: Leg 2 Fast Forward (Rialto Bridge) w/ Venetian Masks Task
  • Rome – Season 9: Leg 6 (Spanish Footsteps and Trevi Fountain)
  • Florence – Season 12: Leg 8 (Florence)

California: Hsi Lai Temple [Tag: California]

Santa Monica Pier

  • Season 4: Leg 1
  • Santa Monica Pier – Season 5: Leg 1 Starting Point
  •  Hsi Lai Temple – Season 19: Leg 1  Starting Point
  • San Francisco – Season 16: Finish Line

Florida: The kid in the picture has grown as seen on my Weekly Photo Challenge: Simple

  • Season 3: Leg 1 Starting Point
  • Season 11: Leg 1 Starting Point

Germany: Neuschwanstein Castle [Category Cloud: Rest of Europe]


  • Munich – Season 3: Leg 7 Fast Forward
  • Neuschwainstein Castle: Season 3: Leg 7 Pit Stop
  • Munich – Season 9: Leg 3 Pit Stop
  • Garmisch – Season 20: Leg 5

Amsterdam: Amsterdam [Category: Rest of Europe]

  • Season 4: Leg 5
  • Season 12: Leg 12 w/ Additional Task of Riding a Cargo Bike

Philippines: [Category: Philippines]

  • Season 5: Leg 12 w/ Task of Decorating a Jeepney

Spain: [Category: Spain]

  • Andalusia – Season 3: Leg 10

Brussels: Pralines, Frites and Escargot [Category: Food]

  • Season 19: Leg 10 w/ Task on Belgian Waffles

Prague: It’s a bird, it’s a plane … it’s, it’s … it’s Prague Orloj? [Category: Humor]

  • Season 15: Leg 11

Not all are listed per country or destinations. The lists with seasons and legs are in conjunctions with exactly where I had been. For example, TAR had been to Germany 7 times with 5 Pit Stops. I listed 3 Seasons with 2 Pit Stops. Also, I’ve been to other places as well such as Japan, Singapore, Las Vegas, Mississippi, Switzerland, Kuwait, New Orleans and Austria. Future posts noted and seen here are Gondola in Venice, The Leaning Tower of Pisa, Santa Monica Pier, San Francisco and Las Vegas.

My golly wow. It took me a long time to complete this post. Browsing through my blog, archiving my pictures, linking my posts and wikipedia-ing all the seasons of the Amazing Race. Again! Great ideas are always are just hard to execute. What an amazing race posting this, and an amazing journey I’d been in.



FEATURED BLOG – Temporarily Lost

I wish I could be in this guy’s luggage every time he visits one country to another. See the world, follow Andrew Ameit’s footsteps and read on his experience, lessons and tips. Come along with him to Africa, Europe and Asia, to where he is currently enjoying his stay.

This is my favorite post of his.

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  1. Sometimes going back through your old posts does bring back good times. I know sometimes a photo, or a song, will spark a pleasant memory. So I suspect backtracking was like talking to an old friend. You did a great job on this and congrats on your upcoming big 100!

    • Wonderful comment orples. Good luck on your book. I will buy it and save it for the little ones, if.

      This took me an exhausting 6 hours! It felt like a race. Still amazing though. 😀

      • Of course, I’d love it, if you do. But, I’d love it more if you read it. I’ve had a few adults come back and tell me, they enjoyed the storyline. The first orple’s book is suited (I think) for kids aged 8 thru 80 …. I would bet you are in that age group. LOL. My publisher on this book, though, placed it in the 9 -12 year age range. What do they know? 😉 Thanks!!

      • Thank you Rommel. That particular post was done long ago, so not a lot of people have seen it, since it got buried in the archives. I’m glad you took the time to look at it and that you see some promise there. I hope you are right. Besides the time I have wrapped up in these books, there is a little of my heart and soul there as well. I’m been grooming these little characters for 25 years. They’re eager to get out and make friends. LOL. I’m going to start sticking them into a few photographs here and there, so people will recognize them more readily. I really, truly appreciate your feed back. So again, thank you!

  2. It is fun to look back through posts. One of the things that writing a blog does is make you more observant on your travels. I see much more now that I have a camera in my hand.

    • Yay and nay. When you have a blog and try to compose a good entry, you’re kind of forced want to cover and see everything on the place you go to. Blogging sure is a blessing for us to chronicle and share our experiences.

    • Thanks for asking this Arindam. I will be posting more about my California trips which is the state where I work now. I will be taking a vacation to my motherland, Philippines, next month.

  3. I’m honored that you would feature my blog! Thanks again, and congrats (1 post early, I guess) on hitting 100 posts! I’m looking forward to reading more in the future!

  4. Isn’t it wonderful to look back over your blog and see how much you have achieved? Yours is brilliant and shows what an amazing person you are 🙂

    • Ow, bwahaha, I’m touched. You didn’t just complimented my blog but you complimented me. I don’t even know what makes you say that. Thank You so so so much Gilly for the kind words. I hope all is well on your end.

    • Frizz, Thank You oh so much for this. It’s a lovely tune. You’re very talented. My blog has becoming a travel blog, but evidences here that I’m a huge huge music fan. I really felt the serenity to this tune.

      And Wow, I’m youtubing your videos right now and I can’t seem to move away. Good thing I love the Beatles, and a lot of your covers. I wish I can be there where you are now and personally hear you play “Georgia in my Mind”.

      Anywho, Amazing Race and Amazing Grace … clever. 😀

  5. An amazing race…! By the way, it’s “Neuschwanstein”. The name connects to the “swan” and your free “Schwain” interpretation linked it more to the pig 🙂 Not sure Ludwig II would have laughed like I did ☺☺☺

    • Hehe … I don’t use Photoshop nor Instagram, but it’d be interesting to see a perfectly aligned tweaked picture of The Leaning Tower.

  6. You’ve been in a lot of beautiful places! You are so blessed!
    And thanks for sharing the photos with the rest of us. They’re all wonderfully taken 🙂

  7. Appreciate the Leaning Tower of Pisa shot .. with people in it. I always thought it was much bigger. Kinda disappointed given all the fuss about it leaning and all. Oh well…

    • Oh yes, Pisa sure have plenty of more to offer. But granted the popularity of Leaning Tower, it wasn’t really as much way glorified than it’s being glamourized. It’s still quite a whoa feeling of having seen it personally.

  8. First time I got a chance to look at your blog…wow! Wish I knew what a blog was when I traveled to Europe several years ago. I just learned how to do a blog and am glad that I am doing it for my trip around the US. I have been to around 14 states and hopefully when I am done, it is 48 state. Thanks for following my blog…terrysadventures.

  9. Wow! 14 states! I only have been to less than ten states. Hehe. Looking forward for all your travels on your blog.
    And thanks for comment and complimenting my blog

  10. Thanks for sharing. Guess I’m partial to the Florida photo since that’s where I live. Good luck in your travels.
    Blessings – Maxi

  11. Thank you for visiting my blog! I loved this entry of yours! I am a homeschooling parent and we are really focusing on geography for the upcoming Olympic games. It was amazing to see some of the beautiful places you have visited!

  12. That’s truly amazing! That’s one thing I like about Europe. So many countries so close together. Here in the USA, it’s so big! I hope to one day venture to Europe. 🙂

  13. I love finding other travel bloggers because no matter how many times I have visited a place I still love seeing other people’s pictures and experiences. And for the places I have yet to visit…it inspires me.

  14. Still exploring your blog Rommel 🙂 certainly was an amzing race great idea to do it like this !
    What memories you’ve got here and stirred some up aussi … that Arc De T roundabout was my pinnacle of nerve holding I found myself driving around it in our VW camper van – felt like we were in centrifugal spinning machine EEEK

  15. Funny, Paris is in my plans for April 🙂 I gathered you spent two years in Italy? Studying? And you visited all these other places from there?

  16. It truly is amazing how many places you have been, especially as young as you are. I do believe you will travel around the world many more turns. Never stop the wonderful adventure. 🙂

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