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Ramstein, Idelweiss & Munich

Dialed down to creative dryness, pushing to squeeze in a blog entry and just plain slack-ness, I’ll just upload pictures, have a Kit-kat and viola! I shared. “A picture can paint a thousand words.” Sure, sure. But when it comes to this featured blog, it needn’t be. A single beautifully captured picture […]

Germany, or Roads to Destination

Absolutely! Driving to the destination is part of traveling. It’s the adults version of a kid looking out the window. Well, it’s not as convenient with the engine revving, finding a comfortable seating position and the high tendency of dozing off but it’s the point your mind wander […]

Lost in Paris

I blame Paris. It is so awesome to be there. Even just the idea of being there, I can just breathe in and sigh to the thought of being to one of the most famous city in the world. I could go on and on but it’d be just beating like a hammer. Paris is Paris. You know what to expect.

Pralines, Frites and Escargot

Brussels is the paradise of chocolate. Point Blank. In the short amount of time we were there, chocolate is the only way I can sugarcoat my trip to Brussels. You can’t get away from it. As if you’re violating their law if you didn’t took a bit of a piece of chocolate.