Rests of Europe


With the interesting architectural structure, the tilted houses, the charms of canals, bicycles as accepted common means of transportation, the relaxed law to illegal substance and fornication, Amsterdam is easily one of the most fascinating European city I’ve been to.

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  1. What a wonderful life you have there my friend. Looks like you have traveled a lot. And to you Amsterdam, I’ll see in my dreams later tonight, haha

  2. Yeah, you should be as not all are given that chance.

    As for the slideshow. Yeah, it’s cool.

    I enjoyed archiving your posts, by the way… I like the every places you’ve been to… *wink*

  3. I think I’m filled with envy now … Take that statement in a positive way. I just can’t help it. A beautiful place like this is makes me feel that way, especially because I know its impossible for me to get there at this point.

  4. Fascinating, intriguing, even liberating Amsterdam. You are so blessed to see these beautiful places… of countries I can only dream about. The photos bring about fun, exitement and beauty at the same time. Just cool.

    • You always leave comments with substance. I, for one, don’t usually do it. You really hit a nail on this one. Amsterdam sure is fun, beautiful and fascinating at the same time.

    • I guess. I did captured the bicycles, RDL and canals. We only stayed at that general area. Was only one day. I’m sure Amsterdam has so much more.

      Oooh, I didn’t share any of the “Mary Jane”-related pictures. Hehe.

  5. Nice photos!

    I loved Amsterdam!
    It was a little gem I would say. I didn’t know how beautiful it really was, until I arrived. No one ever talked about it’s beauty to me, it was all about the ‘fun’ stuff.

    • Hihi, Mary Jane and window shopping at Red Light District sure cover most of the stories. But yes, the canals, the bicycle, the leaning house and the whole architectures sure added blaze to the ‘fun’ stuff making Amsterdam such an interesting little place.

  6. My earlier entries are combinations of point and shoot and DSLR. This post is all point and shoot. I think Amsterdam is interesting and fascinating enough to bring out extra drama to the pictures esp. the ones with bicycle on them. Thanks Sonel.

    Have fun your travels as well.

  7. I love the view across the square where the buildings stand out because the foreground is in shadow – very nice.

    ps – how was the sex palace… on second thoughts – don’t answer that 😉

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