Rests of Europe

Ramstein, Idelweiss & Munich

Dialed down to creative dryness, pushing to squeeze in a blog entry and just plain slack-ness, I’ll just upload pictures, have a Kit-kat and viola! I shared.

“A picture can paint a thousand words.” Sure, sure. But when it comes to this featured blog, it needn’t be. A single beautifully captured picture combined with few but chock full of words will do just fine. For my next …

Featured Blog

Googsy’s Photography is full of surprises. Visit its homepage and you’ll be welcomed with glimpses of images that are not easy to turn away from.  Once you do get magnetized by the prodding and inviting pictures, it opens a back-door interpretation from what you see on the front. The words overflows with dazzling volume that will have you amazed, impressed, intrigued and at times, entertained, at least I do.

Take a look  and open the surprises, and see what you might get.

For my own blog entry, here is Germany …

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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  1. Well, I was going to say the Cathedral was my favorite, then I saw that huge castle and those beautiful landscape shots. So, we’ll say … terrific selection, and leave it at that. Good job!

  2. Beautiful photos as always, Rommel. You are so amazing. You travel, hike, read and comment on lots of blogs, write/blog, take gorgeous pictures, and I’m sure lots more. How do you do it? I stopped to browse for a while. I really appreciated you featuring my blog. I also read several of your other featured blog posts. I like how you have done that. I think I will copy you and start doing that on my blog as well. Congratulations on being fresh pressed as well! Thanks for being an inspiration!

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