Thousand sophisticated words can fall right in front of me but Rome is simply …



… beautiful.

As much as I would want to divert from siding along with the majority, there truly are absolute reasons behind the wide popularity of Rome. There are so many places to visit and things to do in Italy but I can’t help but honestly consider Rome as the best place in Italy. It’s just that there are plenty of things to explore, the countless sites, the interesting histories, the tasty food, etc. And whatever itinerary you planned, or didn’t planned, guarantees you adventure looking for directions, getting through the alleys or just basic sightseeing to Roman structures. The sites are conveniently just casual walk away from each other. One shant get tired while walking nor bored while riding the train because along the way, the buildings and the establishments already are an attraction in itself.

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  1. Your photographs are amazing. I would think, when visiting Rome you would have to add an extra week or two just to take in all of the sights and absorb the history. It is hard to believe how long some of the ancient buildings have stood the test of time. I’ll bet they would have stories to tell, if they could talk.

    • Na-ah, it takes a day to visit most of Rome. You can even add the crowded St. Peter Basilica, and still have plenty of time. They’re just close to each other. That’s the great part.

  2. ASTOUNDING too … The ruins of the early civilization is something worthy of recognition. I will never forget what I learned about ruins in the movie EAT, PRAY, LOVE: Ruins are the roads to transformation.

    • Exactly why the Colloseum is very popular. It’s easy to get good capture and a lot of room for creativity for real photographers.

      Pleasure to have you here Anne.

    • I took these pictures with a point and shoot. 😀 i ran out of cards completely. 😦 Oh well, I had visttied it well enough to remember so much about it.

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