Bullfight (Andalusia, Spain)

Here’s another Spain event that deals a lot of cheering. Ole! No, not just that. They are actually giving sonorous accolades to the matador when he does a good job. But if the torero makes a mistake or takes a while to accomplish what he’s supposed to, the crowd will surely notice and immediately yell out a series of boo’s. The crowd also waves out their handkerchief in the air. If I had known that, I would’ve brought my own.

I’m always been that way. I don’t like watching movie previews. I don’t really read full sypnosis of anything. I hate spoilers. I like surprises, spontaneity and the unknown. I really enjoyed watching this event because I didn’t know squat what was happening. Now, I don’t want to give too much of anything as not to give away the farm.

These guys are on the side. They get ready in case the bull gets rowdy. They will wave that pink capes to make a divert the bull’s attention from the matador’s red cape. These guys are not just for support. They are actually training as future toreros. Actually, one of them starts the show with the bull.

A real bullfight aficionado will perusely look at the matador’s forms, his detailed executions and his sways. They would argue that bullfighting is not a sport rather is a form of art.

There’s also this part where they bring out the horse. The bull would rammed its head to the horse’s body. The horse wears a protective covering.

Now the bulls are going to get killed. My friend might had just wanted to console me saying they handpick the sick, old or dying ones for the show. I believe it. That would be a great show with an ailing bull running around, chasing the red cape innocently, unbeknownst its 11th hour is about to come, with his ticket to slaughterhouse… I don’t really know exactly how they pick which bulls.

The bull is not just ill but is now killed. Ole! to the torero. It’s all for the show. Personally, I can look at it as part of their tradition that has been going on for years.

And I did really enjoy it. I love the crowd. I was gathering information as I watch. I was trying eagerly to relate with the crowd and their reactions, trying to spot what I should cheer for but I just sat there with a blank face while they whoa-ed and woed.

You can ask them what the handerkerchief is for.

What fascinates me the most is the risk of mastering bullfighting and how a person would consider doing this kind of thing. Makes me wonder.



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  1. Visiting a bullfight is close to the top of my ‘to do’ list. Your pictures cature the event perfectly. Not sure where I stand on the morality debate, it’s a bit like fox hunting in the UK.

    • Thanks Featured Blog/Blogger.
      It is one of my checklist when I was in Spain for 6 months. I lucked out that I didn’t have to go far to witness this event.

      Fox hunting? At least, there is a hunting season? Is there any regulation? What’s the debate?

  2. I’m sure this is all very intersting, but I think, sorryi, it is outdated… it is interesting the same way it would be interesting and rich to see a gladiator fight. There’s a lot to talk about it, but it something we shouldn’t accept anymore in our times. I’m not living inside those cultures, though, and I’m aware my opinion might be too much biased… But it is my opinion now, anyway.

  3. I went to a bullfight across the border in Tijuana back in 1993. I didn’t like it. I felt sorry for the animals. Same way I feel about cock fighting, dog racing, dog fighting, and horse racing.

  4. It looks as though the horse got killed too. I am sorry, but bullfighting is a cruel sport. It would be banned if I had my way. I don’t know why man has to kill everything in sight, and then call it fun. Maybe they should use bankers and politicians in the ring, then I’d cheer the matador on.

  5. Internally I debate the whole bull fighting thing. I mean I don’t think its the killing of the bull that bothers me but maybe the brutality of it. I’m not a hunter and I can see how they’ve been doing this for years and its just part of the tradition but it just seems a little brutal to put a bull in the ring already knowing their fate. There only way out is death – it doesn’t really seem like a fair fight. At least if it was just the matador they’d be able to be one on one but with all the other distractions it tilts the playing field.

    I think I’ll probably get to one someday just to check it off the bucket list but not sure I agree with it.

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