You may have figured that I’m not fond on attending the awards I get. Make no doubt though, I dearly appreciated each one of it. With that, my heartiest gratitude to those who awarded me. I will get to all accolades in time.

I do like two awards – this 5 colors thingy and the 7 super shots of some-sort. I also liked the 7×7 I responded to during my #100 post.

I am deeply and humbly feel so honored from being mentioned by two outstanding WP bloggers. So flattering that I actually dread to answer the award. I really did feel so overwhelmed. I look at their entries and I am floored and amazed by their images.

5 colors of the second time around

Bagni di Lucca – Colour My World

Once again, Thank You!

Here’s mine:


Arboretum – Los Angeles, California


The post I had of Arboretum for my visit to one of my stops along Route 66 focused on the flowers and no other features. I’m glad I was able to save this picture. The tree branch, the reflection and the blue sky, I got so arrested with the view in front of me and the image appearing on my camera monitor.


Oxnard – Ventura, California


So happy that the perfect picture I find for the color red happens to be from right exactly where I currently residing. Oxnard in Ventura County holds the annual Strawberry Festival in California. It was a day of lavish red enticements.


Memphis, Tennessee


Yes, I know I’ve been posting mostly of my California exploration. I did been to other states as well- Florida, Nevada, Texas, Illinoise, Mississippi, Louisiana, to name a few. Someday, I will create a Flashback Friday entry for my visit to Memphis, Tennessee. I was there to watch a concert, not fully knowing there’s totally a whole lotsa music to its Downtown area.


Getty Museum – Los Angeles, California


This is from my most recent entry of The Getty Center. This is Apollo Crowning Himself, work of Antonio Canova. Apollo’s idealized body and balanced pose recalls ancient representations of nude male figures.


Virgin Island – Bohol, Philippines


This is a personal choice as my most favorite shot. Hence, I’m using it as my header. This picture proves that even though it doesn’t show on numbers and statistics compared to other countries, Philippines have a lot to boast about when it comes to tourism esp. of water, nature and summer fun.

Now, I have to pay it forward to limited (boo!) 5 other bloggers.



The dragonflies, the flowers, the birds and the bees. Get wide-eye amazed with this macro photography blog. After watching nature in Rae Spencer‘s blog, be sure to check out her poems and works that have been featured to many publications. Eloquence, kind-nature, and an outstanding photographer, a visit to Rae Spencer blog surely won’t disappoint. I can’t pick as there just so many I like. My favorite subject of hers – Dragonflies.


Here are 4 future FEATURED BLOGS…

You Think You Can Blog



Couple of Travels

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  1. Yep. Just fell in love with the Phillipines. Oh my. Beautiful! Thanks for the link love too. I’ve been holed up editing a wedding I shot. Loved the shoot, but editing is a beast. 🙂

  2. Beautiful photos! I love that first one, but the one from the Strawberry Fest brings back fond childhood memories. I used to attend that festival every year and haven’t been since I was a kid.

  3. I love your photos. I absolutely adore the ‘ blue’ photo. I don’t do awards, even though it is wonderful to be nominated for them, but I liked the Colour my World one, because it kind of fits in with my blog, and I didn’t have to answer any questions about myself.

    • Thanks for the award. It’s a good award to respond to. I did get so intimidated with your pictures, it ended up being fun browsing through my picture archives.

  4. Congratulations Bro. I enjoyed each photo but my favorite is the last…blue, beautiful, breathtaking. Just a few reasons why I can’t forget the islands of many surprises and wonderful dreams….

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