Pedestrian, Pedestrians, Pedestrians Everywhere on Shibuya Crossing


Shibuya Crossing is interesting as well as amusing.


It is said that about 2,500 people cross this junction at one time, and 250,000 – 500,000 everyday.


Most people cross it just to cross it. Not exactly because they need to, but just to be part of it or simply to experience the craze.


When the lights turn red…


Every car in every different direction stops and every pedestrian starts walking.

People just … whoosh … fan out.


It’s so amusing to see it, especially with people waving their cellphones around.


Crazy how famous a crosswalk can be. Definitely a sight to see.

Last Call …


That tells you… people from different walks of life can all collide at the same time. 😉

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    • I have a bit of posts from the past that are like that. I think I might do, some time in the future, a collection post of my “community” posts. 😉

  1. Been there. Know this. 🙂 Hey, Rommel, while your stationed in my old stomping grounds, if interested check out my former ‘hood – Minami Aoyama in Minato-ku. Omote Sando was my subway and Aoyama Dori was my daily walk home. Your greats shots make me long for those days, even crazy Shibuya. In my absence, enjoy them buddy.

    • Which one is it. I tried to search it on the web, but it is showing me different result from other countries. I want to see. 🙂 Do you have a post for it?

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