Nara, Japan

Nara boasts many records in Japan and the world.

Todaiji is the world’s largest wooden structure.


It houses the largest bronze Buddha statue in the world.


It is also Japan’s most famous.


Nara is Japan’s first capital dating all the way back to 710.



Unlike the other succeeding capital cities such as Tokyo and Kyoto, Nara is most in tact with its old settings and historic presence.


It is home to Japan’s first UNESCO site. Despite being reconstructed several times, Horyuji Temple is considered to be the oldest wooden structure in the world.


Nara is famous for freely roaming deer.


They are everywhere! The deer are friendly, but can be pushy once they spot food, and sometimes even just a piece of paper. 🙂

It used to be that deer in Nara were considered sacred, and that killing them was considered as a crime. It stopped during World War II. Today, they are protected and are designated as national treasures.


I most enjoyed our stroll to Kasuga Taisha.

It is filled with lanterns – metal and stone.


Nara has not veered away from the old as much as other core cities in Japan. It has the look, the feeling and the atmosphere of ancient Japan. It is said that when Japanese visit Nara, they feel as if they are going back home.



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  1. Really loved the photos today, and I learned about a place I never really knew much about before. I’ll have to check out its proximity to other places to see if I can incorporate this charming city when I go to Japan.

  2. I so enjoyed this visit to Nara, Rommel. So much ancient culture and serenity here, it is easy to see why Japanese feel like they are coming home when they visit here. Your elegant photos, as always, are a pleasure to behold. I especially liked the one of the Japanese couple under the umbrella, as they walk toward the temple. Is it possible that the man in the wheelchair was barred from entry?

  3. Super assortment of great pics as usual Rommel! I especially love the feeding of the deer, and of course the Buddha! And all that spidery writing! 🙂

  4. Gorgeous photos. Love the one of the deer. We visited Nara on a day trip last year and loved it, but man, some of those deer were super aggressive. Was a little worrisome with our little one, but Agri played alpha buck for a while. Heh heh. We’re heading to back to Kobe/Kyoto/Nara end of April/beginning of May. You anywhere in the vicinity?

  5. Just looking at those pictures makes me feel like a part of me is strongly Japanese…❤. In fact I am convinced that I am part Japanese. The feelings it arouses in me just by reading about its culture or looking at photos of places is indescribable.

  6. Wow! These photographs are beautiful. I had no idea about Nara and now I really would love to go. What a fascinating place. When I am lucky enough to return to Japan I will plan in a visit for sure 🙂

  7. The descriptive narrative and pictures are simply amazing. I have never been to Japan, but somehow it is what I would picture Japan would be like. Looks like a lot of history here and very fascinating.

    Thank you for sharing! 🙂

  8. Your pictures are really beautiful. I’ve gone to Kyoto a number of times, but your pictures make me really want to go see Nara now! Also, if you are interested, I’m also writing about Japan on my blog, feel free to check it out!!

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