Horseback Archery Festival Parade at Tsurugaoka Hachimangu Shrine in Kamakura

Went back to Kamakura, where a famous Great Buddha is at, to witness the annual Yabusame or Horseback Archery Festival.


Seen on this post is the second day of the three-day festival. It includes the many parades and other rituals.




When visiting Kamakura for the Great Buddha or the Jizo statues in Hase-dera, try to visit Tsurugaoka Hachimangu Shrine as it is a nice place to visit with or without the festival.


Lots of colors and sounds, and a little of action during the second day.

I most especially enjoyed seeing the horses and when the kids paraded a mikoshi shrine.





I went for the third day hoping to see the demonstration of the actual horseback archery, as I’ve been dying to see it for myself. Unfortunately, it was raining and I got there a bit later than so many early birds. And so, it was crowded and all I saw were a bunch of umbrellas. 🙂 😦

Oh well, better luck next April for me. I will be there extra, extra early to be in front of the actions. Anywho, like I said, the area offers a good stroll, Kamakura has plenty of points of interest to explore, and the parade of the festival a neat event to witness.

Last Calls …









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  1. Fab-U-lous! Your photography is always superb Rommel, but these shots are of scenes I’m never ever likely to get to see, so thank you! That last picture, of the little boy is so simple but so perfect – definitely first prize! 🙂

  2. Darn, I was hoping to see these guys in action! It reminded me of some great archers on horseback I saw in Mongolia. Love your last photo and your (new?) header photo.

  3. wonderful post (as usual, R) and the set up of your photos has that artys feel which I know allows us to enjoy them more. Like the ending six photos had a seamless flow- like the children and ropes – then a close up of child and close up of rope – then the line drops into the next photo – of two ladies on the path – which dropped to the lady sitting (in right of photo) with the ending photo of child (left photo) – just so many artsy details.
    and sorry your view was mostly umbrellas during the archery

  4. Love it when an old friend comes a-calling just when I was going to switch the laptop off and do something useful with my life. 🙂 🙂 Your photos are as good as ever. Love the 2 youngsters with the hat tying.

  5. What a fantastic set of photos Rommel, the tradition and pure dedication within these shots are something I think many people admire about the Japanese culture. And your final three shots brings a smile ~ well done, and wishing you a great weekend.

  6. Delightful post,fantastic images imbued with bright,joyful colours and culture,dear Rommel.You caught the real spirit of the festivities and the sacredness of the Temples.Next April isn’t far away,time flies by at high speed,I don’t really know where it goes … 🙂

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