Double Post: Owl and Flower Pics

These owls are so incredibly gorgeous!


At first they looked fake, then I saw their heads move. Even then, their heads rotate like R2D2’s. 🙂 They are oh-so adorable!


No wonder why I’ve been dreaming of wanting to see owls. They are just beautiful creatures!

And I’m so glad I finally got the chance to see and pet them. Bucket list check!

I can’t keep my eyes off of them.


Although, I did feel awful as they are chained and stuck inside this room.


Last Call…



This Owl Forest is in the island of Miyajima.


We went to Ashikaga Flower Garden to see some wisterias. Unfortunately, we missed its blooming season.

Oh well…


I still get to shoot some flower pics.



Timing is important when traveling in Japan.

Last Calls…






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  1. Owls are beautiful arnt they. I was once really fortunate that on a walk with my dog, a silent Barn Owl glided right past us. It was a magical moment.x

  2. The owl photos are beautiful! I, too, love owls. I’ve only seen two in the wild…we had a huge Great Horned Owl in a tree in the campground in Montana, and we’ve seen burrowing owls a few times that live in prairie dog holes in a few places. You may have missed the wisteria but there was certainly lots beauty to its place:)

  3. Oh what exquisite photos of both flora and fauna Rommel. I also love owls, is the third one on the left one of those big eagle owls? I remember you saying many moons ago the you weren’t very interested in flowers, but now you’ve discovered them you’ve become a very good floral photographer – lucky us!

  4. My husband swears owls are the ugliest creatures around, but I find their strange appearance to have an odd beauty. These are very cool looking, but I wish you hadn’t told us they were tied up. 😦

  5. As is always true, your photos are very special. I love the owls! I feel sorry to hear that they’re tethered, but I’m glad you had such a personal encounter! And the colors in the spectacular flower displays are so vibrant. I’m so glad you shared from your glorious travels!

  6. Owls are wise. I love that picture from the back of the owl, looking out window. That is a keeper!
    Happy for you…bucket list write off moments.

  7. Last weekend I saw a guy with an owl on his arm in the midst of the crowd in Shinjuku. Already saw some owl owners in Yoyogi park before. Owls are really adorable and Japanese seem to love them especially too.

  8. Thank you very much for this. I’m travelling to Miyajima tomorrow and didn’t know about the owl forest. Will definitely check it out!

  9. Always amazed how much an owl will pivot it’s head. They are an amazing creature. Although I am not the greatest to identify which specie of owl, I have seen them up here in Canada.

    It was sad to see the owls chained down and even to see the padlocks. Hopefully when it is not normal operating hours for the Owl Forest Park the locks will be released and the owls will have the opportunity to spread their wings!

    Also gorgeous flowers. Thank you for sharing. :).

  10. Lovely shots all around. The only owl shots I have were of injured birds that had been rehabilitated but were not strong enough to survive in the wild. It’s bothersome when you can see their cage and chains in the photos. I hope these owls are injured and that they wouldn’t do this to an otherwise healthy owl. 😦

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