Nemophilas, Nemophilas, Nemophilas Everywhere at Hitachi Seaside Park

I went back, by train, to Hitachi Seaside Park…

…to see the magnificence change of the season made.


And no matter what color it currently is, dare I say again, it’s unbelievable!


It looks so magical. Like something out of a children’s book.

Of what is a theme park at the front is this hill carpeted with nemophilas in the back during springtime.


It looks so whoasome! One of the unique places to see in Japan.

There are other more flowers and gardens to look at.

It was a tour that took me here the first time. This second time I commuted on my own. It was a hassle but definitely worth the trip. I got there, and I felt relieved, relaxed and refreshed.


If you do plan to visit here, check their website first-  http://en.hitachikaihin.jp/ – to get the right timing or best dates and whatever season you would like to see.

Click to see kochia hill during summer.  –> Kochia Hill at Hitachi Seaside Park.



I am definitely planning to come here to see the whole area turn red in the fall.

Nemophila is nicknamed “baby blue eyes”.


Last Call…


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  1. Absolutely amazing!! Wow! Definitely worth a return trip. I love the group of white flowers with the lone blue bloom in the middle:) Thanks so much for beautiful photos.

  2. And I thought I had seen some awesome wildflowers in my travels. They just don’t compare to this! Your eye for photography never ceases to amaze me Rommel. Love all your photos, especially that of the little girl running through the flowers and the one blue flower among all the white.

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