Double Post: Himeji Castle, and Shibuya Crossing at night

Himeji is arguably the best looking castle in Japan.


There are only five castles that are designated as Japan’s national treasures, and Himeji is one of them.


It is nicknamed as “White Egret” or “White Heron”.


Shibuya is a place where you can find “all walks of life”. – Pedestrians, Pedestrians, Pedestrians Everywhere on Shibuya Crossing.


This is where you can spot a statue of Hachiko, a famous dog in Japan. Read the story here.


The streets are illuminating at night.


Last Call …


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  1. I had forgotten the Hachiko story, so I re-read it. It reminds me so much of an old cat my grandmother had. People said they could set their watches by “Skitty” going down the street to meet her at the train station.

  2. Enjoyed today’s post, Rommel, and the visit to Himeji Castle (beautiful and huge), and the night walk in Shibuya. So much going on in Shibuya. I followed your link to Hachiko, thanks for that too. I am in the process of booking a few nights in Tokyo en route to a bird tour in Thailand. With your extensive knowledge of Tokyo, can you give me one or two of your “must sees” in Tokyo? No pressure, I’m just curious.

    • Ooooh, tough one, Jet. Knowing you, it is hard to make recommendations on Tokyo. The city is very concrete. You may enjoy the landscape, but when it comes to nature sightings, you have to find hidden gems, especially it is not exactly the season for it.
      As of right now and until maybe the third week of August, sunflower fields are blooming. There are some sunflower festivals going on in the country right now. For September, the festival I am looking to see for myself is the horseback archery festival in Kamakura. This is not in Tokyo but very close. There is an archery festival in November as well at Meiji Shrine in Tokyo as well. You can search Kamakura and Meiji Shrine on my blog.
      If you consider taking a little further than Tokyo, my suggestion for you is the Kochia Hill at Seaside Park. But that requires one long train ride and a bus ride to get there. The kochias around this time are probably green in color.
      One “must see” that everyone goes to is Tokyo Tower.
      Anywho, No pressure back to you. 😉 Have fun. Anywhere you go, I’m sure you’ll get something out of the unique culture of Japan! 🙂

      • Thanks so much, Rommel, for your generous response and time. I regret that I did not let you know originally what time of year I will be there, which will be January, a cold weather time. I have been perusing Tokyo travel books and websites, and continue to enjoy the many lovely posts you have presented. I booked at a hotel in Shinjuku, across from the park, and plan to visit the Meiji Shrine, and will check out the Tokyo Tower too. It is the culture, as you say here and have pointed out in your lovely posts, that I look forward to observing and joining for a brief three days. My gracious thanks to you. 🙂

  3. Contrasting images of brashness: the stone foundations and white exterior walls (rather than wood or red) of the castle and the neon (probably LED) lights illuminating the night. Over-stimulation, anyone? – Oscar (opps battery is running out, must return later).

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