Special Report

Out of Place

Tell me…

Have you ever been so out of place during one of your travels?


This is in Solvang, California.


Not Denmark.

I found this Manneken Pis at a rest stop …


… surprisingly in Japan


I felt being transported somewhere in Asia upon seeing this…



… but I was only driving on Highway 71 in California.

This is not the Trevi Fountain in Rome, but …


… I let you take a guess on that one.

Korean Bell of Friendship

This Korean Bell of Friendship can be seen in San Pedro, California.


Not China, but …


Los Angeles, California

This next one reads Malibu Hills,


… but it’s somewhere along the coast of Okinawa, Japan. Not Malibu, California.

There are many Byzantine or Roman influences in Greece …

Roman Forum Thessaloniki

… but the Roman Forum in Thessaloniki is a more straight-forward Roman site in Greece.


This is not in India, …


…but in Kawasaki, Japan.

Not Paris, but …


… Take another guess where.

This Roman Pool is at Hearst Castle in California.


This Rialto Bridge is …


…. at The Venetian in Las Vegas, Nevada.
Definitely not New York nor Hollywood …

1377144_10151967865328578_610089756_n… but somewhere along the coast of Okinawa, Japan.

Not China …

huntington library18

Not Japan …

huntington library6

… but Huntington Library in California.

This next one is obviously somewhere in Japan.

1294508_10151879413128578_1180277213_oNot America.

I have plenty more but this post is getting overloaded.

Tell me…

Have you ever been so “out of place” during one of your travels?

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  1. Brilliant, Rommel! πŸ™‚
    That Indian building on 71 in CA blew me away! I always love the photos of the Huntington Library that you have posted.

  2. I SO totally enjoyed this, Rommel! How fascinating to see cultures influencing each other in places you would never even think it to be so. Outstanding photography which I slowly scrolled through just absolutely blown away by what I was seeing. This post is so cool how how chose to present it. Really makes the viewer think. Thank you! ❀

  3. Brilliantly done. Thank you. Even a few of the California ones were new to me. I live not far from the Korean Bell, and see it on one of our regular walks.Thanks for visiting Under Western Skies.

  4. What a fun post Rommel! It is a phenomenon that we are intrigued by at the time (we say, “Oh look, the Eiffel Tower in Vegas!”). Then when you display so many examples in one place, like here, it is such a crazy thing. We humans are a curious species. Fantastic post!

    • Love the comment, Jet. When I created the post, I didn’t think that it’s that kind of comment this post was going to receive. And I actually could include even so much more. Thanks for the feedback.

  5. I chime in with Amy’s woe of brilliant!
    As I scrolled I felt all your originality and wondered how your mind processes all this…..

    Like was it an ongoing post or was it an idea one day as you scrolled some pics!

    Super artsy
    And that second one you said to guess is Las Vegas –
    Is the first also?

    • Yup! You got it right. Both are Vegas.
      I think this has been brewing for a long time. When I saw that second one, the Manneken Pis (Brussels), I was really very surprised to see it while here in Japan. That one hinted me that it’s time to compose this post. πŸ˜‰
      I can tell you that I have a good number of post ideas that still remain as ideas for right now because the right subject or material hasn’t happened yet. And I just hope someday it’d come up, just like a Manneken Pis in Japan!

      • Well I am back R…
        And I wanted to say that you should write your ideas down and keep notes-
        Keep a few tidbits about your feelings and even what you observe ….
        Because your journey is book material and the extra notes you keep now will help when that day to write it comes.
        Also – you can pull from your blog posts (a couple folks even made books from compiling blog posts together and added a bit)
        But you have a very unique traveling life that needs to be in a book at some point.
        I guess what me think of it was this old book called “under the overpass” where two guys traveled homeless for 6 months and wrote about!
        They had a spiritual aim as they talked about how churches did or did not help (like one church preached about hell but did. Not even offer to help with flip flops when one of the guys had busted sandals)
        But my point is that they had a gem of a book from that travel experience
        And how much more would you have…
        And not just giving us a diary or travel details – but when you show stuff like in this post – that is what will make it a richer book!
        Your connections – your comparisons – and your observations.

        And further – you travel to the richest of places – from Japan to Greece to wonderful CA!
        Just my thoughts

  6. Hey Rommel! What a great traveling life you have ended up living.This was a fun post.I’m in England for the holidays Merry Christmas to you in Japan I just remember phenetically speaking ohiogozymas and konichiwa and Hi!.

  7. We have seen most of the “real” countries you have pictured here…but you got me on some of the Cal. and Las V. ones! Excellent!

  8. I wish I visited a lot of these places before I moved from Cali! In Kashiwazaki in Niigata, Japan they have a Turkish Culture Village that brings you to another world. Have you heard of it? Nice photos.

  9. Great post! I’ve been to many of the locations in California that you mentioned and Vegas. It is funny to feel like you’re in a different place. I always get a kick out of the 1950’s American diners that they have in the UK. They look right, but the food is never the same.

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