Meiji Shrine and Harajuku in Tokyo, Japan

Fashion in Harajuku is … uhm … let’s just say … not the usual.

And guess what! That is the usual scene in Harajuku every weekend.

The fashion craze and different trends are unbelievable. The craziest I’ve seen was a guy wearing a pair of sunglasses covered with jewels. I couldn’t imagine how he can see through that shades. When I was there, the trend was people wearing a towel around their neck.
Try to Google Harajuku girls or lolita girls (google image) for more.

*All images are taken with a cellphone. Images were taken at two different times.


Following the tori gates lead to Meiji Jingu Shrine.


The pathways are filled with greenery.


Along the way are these decorated sake barrels.

When you visit Meiji Shrine …

… you might get a chance to witness a portion of a Japanese or Shinto wedding.

15078984_10154861829758578_3711930439642001837_n 15219977_10154861829308578_2131459635738371612_n 15181361_10154861829898578_1743762843278020004_nFrom fashion craze to old fashion, modern to traditional, nature to concrete, Harajuku and the Meiji Shrine area are surprisingly right next to each other. Both exhibits the many juxtapositions you can find in Japan.

Last Calls…



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  1. This is really cool. So amazing to see all the different fashion styles. It would have neat to witness the Japanese wedding as a bystander!

    I just have a regular point and shoot camera. The pictures you haven taken on your cell phone is probably way better than anything my camera can capture. Nice work! 🙂

  2. Hi hear your name is shortened to Mel! Well hi Mel, interesting post ( the ‘fashion’ is crazy) but I love the tree lined pathways, the barrels and the wedding photos. Have a lovely weekend 🙂

  3. Yes, the juxtaposition of ancient and modern culture is what stood out to me when I travelled in Japan in the 1980’s. To me at the time, coming from Australia, I was struck by the traditional Japanese architecture, dress, food etc., and right beside that, all that symbolised the United States.
    By the way I enjoy your photos; they bring back memories of my time in Japan.

  4. Fashion crazy, how unusual, Can’t believe it’s in Japan!
    The wedding photos are super. Last call is back, awesome!!
    Great post, Rommel. 🙂

  5. A beautiful post Rommel, I love the traditional wedding ceremony and the fun fashion, which reminds me a bit of the ‘new romantic’ era in London during the early eighties.

  6. Astonishing post, Rommel! What a contrast between the very unique way of dressing to the traditional marriage. Side by side coexisting harmoniously or so it would seem. LOVE to see people expressing who they really want to be or do rather then be dictated to about how they should be or what to do. Just LOVED this post! Thank you! ❤

  7. Lol…I have the EXACT same picture of the sake barrels in Meiji Shrine. 🙂 The fashion in Japan is just beyond comprehension sometimes. It’s so interesting that a culture that is so ordered and some might say repressive, can create such amazing expressions!

  8. Very interesting post, Rommel. I don’t understand their fashion, but love their food and fascinate by their culture. Thanks for sharing!
    Does that mean you didn’t celebrate Thanksgiving this year? Have a wonderful day!

  9. So interesting Rommel… as the 16 hour layover we had somewhat recently in Japan we went exactly to see Meiji shrine and the Harajuku. Watching the fashion statements and doll like girls was something you just don’t see every day!! Unless of course you live there…..

    Terrific post. Thanks for the revisit.


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