Goshiki-numa, Five-colored Lakes in Fukushima Prefecture, Japan


I went hiking again on a National Park here in Japan. This time it’s Bandai National Park.


Mount Bandai erupted in 1888 dropping mineral deposits to surrounding waters giving it different colors.


I’m not sure because it’s really more like two-and-a-half-to-three-and-a-half-colored lakes to me. πŸ™‚


But don’t take my word for it as I am color-blind. πŸ™‚


And there not only lakes but ponds as well.


We saw a natural koi pond.


This one is yellowish, cream, or muddy color.


The majority of the color is bluish green.


Love the sound of water flowing when hiking.


A bit of flowers on the trails.


This is a very easy hike…


… with lush greenery all around.


The end of the trail was when we hit the big lake some boats.

Don’t miss the koi with a heart-shaped marking on its side.


You may not noticed it, but it was actually raining that day.

It is more suggested to come visit this area during fall when the leaves change its colors as well as the lakes and ponds. It is said that the colors of the lakes and ponds depend on time of the day, the vegetation around, weather, and time of the year.

Last Call …



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  1. So much beauty and unrestrained abundance of greenery around the lakes and the ponds Rommel!Volcano ash is the best fertilizer.All your images are gorgeous πŸ™‚

  2. Holy cow, your photos are gorgeous β€” and the serenity was contagious. Thank you for sharing this place with us.

  3. Those koi are really wild and not just put there from a fish farm? Fantastic !This place is stunning just as it is, but will you still be there in autumn? Just imagine how it will look then πŸ™‚

  4. Amazing images, Rommel. I can’t believe you saw all this beauty and all these different coloured lakes in just one day. Fabulous. Thanks for taking me along. The Koi are spectacular.

  5. The serenity in these is wonderful! I so wished to be with you.
    Sharing this on my walk tomorrow. Hope you don’t mind? πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ Happy Sunday!

  6. Thanks for the like on my post. I have been here. I blogged about it in a separate blog. A truly lovely part of Fukushima.

  7. Paradise beautifully captured by your (color-blind) eyes. It’s in Fukushima though. Isn’t it radioactive there?

  8. The koi pond reminds me of a painting and the centered flower pic is my fav – you are color blind – but we would never notice !
    Thanks for the mini hike –

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