Abukuma Cave in Fukushima Prefecture, Japan

I loved our trip to Five-colored Lakes and Abukuma Cave in Fukushima Prefecture, Japan.


Our trip to Abukuma Cave was magical and fun!



It was fun navigating inside the cave because we had to duck, stoop, and hunch down; side-step, and climb up to get through some low and narrow paths.



It was so adventurous that I felt like Indiana Jones.



The cave looks absolutely enchanting!




It reminds me Gyokusendo Cave in Okinawa World.


There is a certain cave light show spot.

That is the thing with going inside a cave, there’s that sense of exploration and adventure, and wonderment.


Abukuma Cave is currently the only limestone cave in Japan that is open to public.

Last Call …


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  1. Caves throttle our imaginations, as if we were taking a journey into the center of our minds! Nice job here, even though photography inside a cavern is a tricky thing.

  2. Such stunning pictures. I love hydrangeas and that first pic is so beautiful! Looks totally magical and that fairy lit tunnel at the end is wow! Thanks for sharing 🙂

  3. Thanks for bringing us to is cave – when I was a little girl – we went through the southwest and I had the chance to go into caverns –
    Anyhow – seeing what some caves in Japan look like it very nice – this is why i like blogging – the variety people share from travel and life adventures is very culture rich….
    Have a great week R….

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