Highway 33, MRE and Hiking Previews

1. I was in Ojai with a plan to do some volunteer work. Sadly, that didn’t happened. I just couldn’t find anybody. I contacted the people, including the organization that arranged it, but nobody hit me back.
2. So instead, I decided to hike Ojai once again. See amy Freshly Pressed entry on Rose Valley Falls in Ojai.  I hiked Rose Valley Falls so smoothly. This time, however, the Potrero John trail that I was aiming for is so hard to find.
3. Highway 33 is so scenic that I couldn’t resist but to drive slowly, pull over the vistas and turnouts, and rubberneck on the stunning views from my car. It completely extends my time staying there.

 – If you still wondering why I bumped up California roads to be the best,
Highway 33 can easily justify for it. –

4. The drive back to the town center is 30 miles or more. I can’t turn back just yet.

5. I had some awful and disappointing misadventures with exploring Sespe Creek and Potrero John Trail. Future posts to follow … previews for now.

– Sespe Creek, but not really –

– Potrero John Trail, I disappointingly didn’t get to the waterfall –

6. I was tired. It’s so hot this time of the year. I got exhausted. This wilderness, I was not prepared for. Most of all, my stomach was growling.

Thank goodness, I have something in my car! …

MRE (Meal, Ready-to-Eat) is an instant meal package that military use in the field. I found me a shaded area with a big rock;

I followed the heating instructions, and viola! …

I got me a quick Spicy Penne Pasta to gorge on after all the driving and hiking.

Last Call…

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  1. Sounds like I need to turn around and head back to California and travel with you! You seem to hit many very beautiful and scenic places. Mine is pretty much hit and miss. I have been traveling the U.S. for a month. I head back to Missouri in a few days and head off to the northeast and east and southeast next Sunday, July 7th. We have a beautiful country and I have been so glad for the opportunity to explore it before I have to go back to work.

    • That’s very ideal thing to do. Hit different states, head and go, during a vacation leave. Your balloon experience is something I’ve been longing to accomplish.

  2. It looked like a fabulous trip. Wonderful pics – I loved the one of the MRE pack. Was it tasty?! Not as good as the Spicy Penne pasta I bet!

    • Good enough to sustain me energy after an afternoon in the wilderness. 😀 I enjoyed the chocolate pastry that came with it. I wanted to take a picture of it, but it’s already gone. BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

    • See reply above. Hehe 😀 Like I said, the town is about 30 mins. back and I still have to do some hiking. The MRE was very helpful. MRE was very helpful for me to keep on going.

  3. You are giving us some new places to explore when we head back in your direction later this year. I would have never thought to bring along MRE’s for the trip – great idea and great photos!

  4. Dude, those are some wicked photos, I hope to make it to the US one day. You have got to make a trip out to South African sometime – views, scenery, culture, warmth and uniqueness of the country will stay with you forever.

    • I’ve read so many great travel entries about. I’ve already featured two posts of bloggers who talked about it. I would have loved to have that life-altering experience.
      Actually, I was supposed to go to Kenya this year but my assignment there got jacked. I’m exploring California instead.

  5. I’ve traveled much of the world thanks to my father’s occupation and Africa definitely has something about it. We have a part of the country called the ”Karoo”. Heard the best quote the other day from a man who lives there. ”The Karoo is a place where if you listen, you can heard God think”.

    • Omelette on a meal package!? Even the sound of it isn’t appealing. If it has the M&M, skittles or poppyseed poundcake, then I’ll rip it open and get just the goodies. 😀 I still have chicken noodles to open. I just finished The beef stew. Penne Pasta doesn’t look appetizing but it is good, and bad at all.
      I stiil can’t get over your GRAND adventure there Christina.

  6. Wew! 🙂 Looks like you really had fun bro! kainggit ang California adventures mo. Plus the spicy penne pasta looks so delicious 🙂 Have fun…

  7. Fantastic walking country Rommel, l love your photos. Just look at the colour of that sky, I would have been staring up at it and missing the rest! Can’t think why you ate that food though – it looks awful 🙂

    • Bwahahahaha… That’s very honest of you, I love that! I was trying to hide the gross-ness. Bwahaha… Well, i didn’t have much option… Just like military personnel eat it when they’re in the field.

    • Hmmmm…. I actually hace concerns about the skies. It has those little dots on the images, which I never really have problems with from before. But hey, two compliments about the sky, i shant worry.

    • Hihi 😀 … Actually, I truly am stingy when it comes to food when I’m traveling, unless if I’m in a different country … ;).

  8. Sometime, when you have a chance, you should take Pine Mountain Road, which runs some what parallel to the 33 above the upper reaches of the Sespe. It’s a killer pine forest up there to explore!

      • Well that was a much bigger than most people do up there. But you can drive right into the pine forest on top of Pine Mountain, and so you don’t have to do any hiking at all if you don’t want. You can get out of your vehicle and just go for a walk through the woods. It’s a really cool area big big pine trees and big boulders and rocks with open meadows.

  9. I love California road tripping. I’m looking forward to finishing the move and then I’m going out. Where is 33? I’m still new to CA…

    • Driving in California 1, you’ll see the exit when you’re in Ventura. You’ll get to see this charm of a small town, Ojai on the way. 😀

  10. Thank you so much for visiting my blog and “liking” so many of my posts! I could easily spend an entire day viewing yours! You are an AMAZING photographer. 🙂 I’ll be back to check out your other posts!

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