WTF!? My pictures are in somebody else’s blog?

My pictures and my words, translated into a different language, are copied to someone’s blog! I didn’t get any authorization notice nor any acknowledgement. It’s my precious images of Balboa Park. What the…!!!

See here – [it has now been deleted]

No pingback. No referral. No link. The blog looks like a very established blog. It oldest entry is last year of June. My Botanical Garden in Balboa Park post shows no comment  from the blogger asking for my approval.

This is baloney. Now I understand how it feels. I feel flattered, but it still outweighs that I’m appalled by it!

Should I handle it with the blogger, or should I go straight to support? The blogger ought to stop. That’s just awful.

Is this actually acceptEd in blogging?

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  1. I did use to put signature, but I only use Microsoft Paint because I don’t know how to put watermarks on my pictures. With Paint, it’s so much work to do it to all my images.

  2. Really not cool! I wish we could understand what he/she wrote on the blog. You should start adding watermark to your works. That’s one of the best steps that you can do. Use Photoshop, Lightroom or whatever image editor that you’re comfortable to work with.

    • I only use the Window’s editor. I think I’m gonna check out Picasa. thank, I’ll certainly have to put signatures on my future uploads.

  3. I don’t want to just go to the blog and ask to delete it. What? Forgive and forget? No, someone from Support has to warn the blogger.

      • It does sounds like just a reblog or a pingbsck. But, isn’t that unethical to do for a blogger? I’m irritated. If I didn’t see it, I wouldn’t have known though.

        • I never post anything that isn’t mine without giving credit to the person but it certainly is becoming harder and harder to control people taking your work. You could publicly leave a reply and then contact him via his private email and ask him to kindly credit you (or others) the next time he wants to use your work.

      • I did reply aleeady. I felt mad about it because I didn’t know. That’s what’s really grinding my teeth, i was not informed.
        It does feel like it can be acceptable to make another posts of other people pictures ????? Er??.? Actually, you know what, IT IS WRONG!
        Na-ah! The sound of that is wrong. it is probably wrong!

      • Something similar happened to me: a site stole my post, but to write a comment in their blog you had to “log in”. The log in site looked exactly like the WordPress log in site, but it was just a way for them to steal your password. So: BE EXTRA CAREFUL when dealing with blogs/spammers like this.

  4. Wow…. shocking!!!! Outrageous – I don’t know how I will handle it – but I would be equally upset about it!!!! Totally unacceptable!! 😦 ** Good luck Rommel!!

  5. I feel strongly mad about this now! No, I say it IS entirely unacceptable! I lay on the ground taking my pictures for someone else to just secretly blog it.

  6. I used google translate to find out what the blog says, and it doesn’t give credit anywhere…..here is the translation….

    ” This park is huge! , Is open to the public, the park is open. There’s only train for the kids, and plenty of attractions for all ages. . Surrounded by some of the attractions of the park along the road to wherever you choose to go. You can even see the houses of international

    museum, a variety of cultures. and play theater, and a look at The Old Globe or Balboa Stadium.

    musical spectacle for everybody. or

    popular place, the San Diego Zoo. There are also bike and hiking trails for outdoor types”

  7. At first, i was feeling iffy thinking it’s silly to react so negatively about it. It reminds me that FRIENDS episode when two characters were arguing about a published joke and whom it bekongs to. It was hard to relate and I though they were really being silly.
    And I know about copyright in the back of my mind, but I don’t stress about it. But now, that I just chanced upon a blog with my images in it without my knowledge, I can’t help but me mad about it. This is awful!

  8. Someone has pinched my photos for a Facebook page , which is really annoying. All they had to do was ask and I would have been OK with it as it is all good for Bagni di Lucca, but to take without asking and giving credit is lousy.

  9. Not good, one good thing is that someone thinks your work is top drawer, but bad thing is why the hell did they not ask or even pingback.. good luck in sorting.

  10. I could leave a ‘comment’ on the thief’s blog! Maybe all your blog followers could bombard the blog with ‘unfavourable’ comments, pointing out the evils of using other bloggers’ work. I would probably take it up with the blogger to start with and then the relevant authority. It’s just not on. Keep us informed Rommel and we’ll help all we can.

  11. I occasionally interview other artists for my blog. I ALAWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS credit them. I would NEVER plagiarise someone else’s work.

    Rommel, how did you find it?

    • I was going to post a blog on one of the 15 museums in Balboa Park. It isn’t a popular museum. So I was wondering if other bloggers have blogged about it. I went to the ‘Balboa Park’ tag and saw it. All my images posted in a different manner. I felt irritated more than pleased to see it.

      • Hmmm… what you did was ordinary diligence for your work. I often get concerned that someone is going to steal my comedic posts. I’m glad you checked in on my blog and now I’m going to be checking…
        I would happily poke someone in the eye with my finger for you…

    • Eva of wheremytbackandotherstories picture’s there as well. Me and her talked about it and she shared The same reaction. I hope her picture gets creditted, if she wants, or removed, if not.

  12. There’s actually a reblog button people can click and reblog your stuff. Somebody reblogged one of mine, got freshly pressed with it, then deleted it. You’d think freshly pressed would use the original if they liked something, but no. That person should certainly have given you credit for your work though, and links too. If you add your blog’s name on all your photos then at least it is free advertising if somebody filches them. If paint.net is what you meant by using paint, it’s really easy to add writing, there’s a T (for text) in the tools, just click on that. Use the color chart thing for color options, and once you click the T it gives you text and size choices.

    • A few of my posts has been reblogged by others. I didn’t mind because WordPress has set up the function to automatically credit the original source and so far, it has never been circumvented in my case.

      What happened here; however, wasn’t use of the reblogging feature. They were out to rip Rommel off. They even went to the extent of translating what he wrote into another language without acquiring consent or giving credit.


  13. Glad to see it’s gone Rommel! We should keep an eye on that blog in future – he/she may nick someone else’s post!

    • I’m fine with having it removed now. I ain’t going back there any longer. The “blogger” gets the transfer he/she’s gearing for. I despise the blog for it to get views.

  14. It’s gone now probably because I replied to it. I mentioned about reblog, giving credit, proper link back and permission. I got reblogged a few times, and I approve it immediately. Honestly, I don’t even need a permission. All I need is for someone to tell me that they want to use my pictures.

  15. Really glad to see via the comments that you got it handled. They STOLE from you. Same as taking the camera from your hands. Get a creative commons license and DO watermark your photos. I use Picasa, and Photoshop.

  16. What a nerve, how dare they, I think you should take it to wordpress. This is why my blog is becoming less about writing and more photography because I don’t want to write a decent story to have it plaguerised. Shocking!

  17. This one is not what we accept from any of our fellow bloggers for sure. We are not here to earn money. Still we put lots of effort and spend lots of our time, in creating our posts. So it’s not fair by any means.

  18. It happens all too often.
    There is a site called ‘Tineye’ where you can do a reverse search of images to see if they are elsewhere on the net. I use TSR Watermark Images – it is downloadable and easy to use – to watermark mine.

  19. I have to tell you, I am a copywriter/blogger for a company and we ALWAYS obtain permission before using photos and linking to blogs for legality reasons, but also because it’s just awful not to. Sorry to hear someone stole your photos.

  20. Yep. It happens, and it’s not always from someone in another country. I had a picture stolen from my blog and used by my local Patch writer. I called her out on it and she gave me credit, but by then the day was over and there were new Patch articles.

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