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Mt. Vesuvius

I see it everyday at work, and almost every morning I exclaim its good name. Sawyer of Lost once mentioned it, as well as Joey in an episode of FRIENDS. Sufjan Stevens made a song about it. It’s a very visible landmark as it stands perkily beautiful with […]


Carnevale, the mother of all festivals in Italy. To┬átemporarily turn a blind eye between life statuses, people have their masks on in order to celebrate the festivity completely free of any class identification and social interferences. On my second visit, the crowd, the colors, the Gondola ride ­čśÇ […]

Ti Amo Espanya

I may not have gone to┬ámain cities of Spain like Barcelona, but I pretty much┬áchecked my to-do list of everything I wanted to experience in Spain in under a 6-month period. I was in the region of Andalusia┬áwhich origins the famous dance, flamenco. I arrived right on the […]


With the interesting architectural structure, the tilted houses, the charms of canals, bicycles as accepted common means of transportation, the relaxed law to illegal substance and fornication, Amsterdam is easily one of the most fascinating European city I’ve been to.


Authentic may have been an overrated, over-used and overkilled travelling term, but authentic is written all over Vigan’s restaurant’s menus, its antique looks and their bucolic way of living. Authentic is Vigan’s perfect description, and not just because of its old houses. Vigan is genuine and true to […]

I Crave

I’d go back to Diego Garcia even just to order rice and bulgogi. I’d go back to the desert and start a day with a cup of Joe or chill with a frappe from Green Beans Coffee. I’d take another trip just to indulge myself for some Belgian […]