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Stick a fork in me, I got Freshly Pressed!

It was a regular morning routine. I woke up, heat up the food I had the night before, hit the shower and changed for work. I jumped for the microwaved leftover. I was thinking how that pepperoni pizza was so good as I munched on it. I was really feeling it, nodding my head […]

HfH of Ventura

I always lose my balance standing on only one foot. I always have to lean on other things for stability. Granted, I can’t even stand on my own feet. I maybe independent in textbook but I rely on others. Believe you-me, I’ve been in many many many situations where I kept my […]


You can paint a horse with stripes but it can never be a zebra. I’m quite certain that my Psychology teacher attested to it during one of our class. Personality doesn’t change.

What makes an effective writer?

Quite frankly, I believe that someone who writes with misspelled words, grammatical errors, improper or unconventional ways of writing doesn’t automatically proved to be ineffective. All it needs to be is being tolerable to read and be submitted to the purpose of the message it is trying to get across.