Watching sumo wrestling was such a whoa-some Japan experience!


Above all, it gave me so much lessons on dedication.


They perform routines before the match.

They face each other, stretch, and stomp their feet. Then they drink a ladle of “strength water” and wipe their lips with a paper.


The wrestlers throw away salts on the arena to purify the arena, show respect to deities, drive away bad spirits, pray for a safe game, and the salts also serve as disinfectant for bruises on their feet.


The referee then announce their names while they go back to the center and squat ready to face each other.

The routines sometimes take longer than the actual match. But a lot of times, the match does get intense.


There are various signature sumo moves.


It’s thrilling, fun and exciting to watch sumo wrestling matches.

The sumo wrestler who gets knock out or first gets out of the ring loses.


The picture above shows that the yellow sumo alludes the red sumo by going to the side and avoiding the attack.

I enjoyed the intermission or the half-time show…


Sumo wrestlers live a pattern life. They are required to grow their hair, follow a regimented meal, and train rigorously. It takes a lot of commitment, dedication and sacrifice to be a sumo wrestler. Their life expectancy is 10 years shorter than a regular Japanese. A sumo wrestler is not allowed to drive a car.

There were two sets of tournament-type elimination rounds, and the winners are…


The Sophomore Slump has slowed down. In a few more days, I can hopefully slowly gear it back up. It’s a matter of dedicating my time to other important things, mainly my job. Thanks for viewing.

Tickets go out quickly, so if watching a sumo wrestling event is one on your bucket list, you better be on your feet. 😉

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  1. I went to a sumo tournament in Nagoya a few years ago. It was really cool. They didn’t do the intermission with the little kids though. That’s cute. Very nice pictures. You must have been close.

  2. Wow! Those are BIG men in every which way, Great photos, Rommel. Loved seeing the children having fun at interval. I think I’ll pass on the tickets. Looking at your images was quite enough for me. 😛

  3. Nice to see you back in the blogosphere, although I seem to have been awhile more as of late. I find sumo wrestlers to be fascinating characters and all the more so thanks to your post. Great action shots!

  4. As iconic as they are, I’ve never done any real reading or seen that many photos of an actual event. Thanks! Hope things are well down the coast.

  5. Woooow oh my. I hope i haven’t missed too much of your posts. Picture no 18 is great..and those kids, so cute. I loved all the photographs, felt like i was there live.

  6. Great walk down memory lane. thanks Rommel. I used to live in Nagoya Japan right around the corner from a Sumo “stable” and practice center. Love the whole pageantry of sumo wrestling and the excitement that builds in the arena. Phenomenal photos and thank you for putting enough of them to really build momentum and a feeling of being there with you. Great.


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