Special Report


This is technically my first.

Twelve] The Boy and The Snow is probably the most commented photo of the year. Takayama and Shirakawago are neck to neck.

Eleven] Viewers enjoyed the “not there … but here …” pattern of Out of Place. One of my personal favorite photos of the year was The Rain of Lights.


Ten] More to Rome was one of the most commented this year, but unique Kochia Hill wowed everybody.


Nine] For obvious reasons, #400 is the most viewed post of the year.14435212_10154671465453578_8138287663747006491_o

Eight] To my surprise, the red umbrella became one of the most mentioned photos of the year. Unique Japan was the top post of the month.


Seven] Cuteness Overload was one of the comments to the Squirrel Garden in Machida.


Six] Cats, Cats, Cats Everywhere in Gotokuji Temple whoa-ed everybody. My most favorite photo, however, is the Wood Duck on a Lake.


Five] Athens, Greece was the most viewed post in May. The community of Buddhas in Kamakura is one of my favorite shots.


Four] My first winning photo was taken from the Cherry Blossom Festival in Takato, Japan.


Three] The Boat in a Vast Sea was one of the most commented picture. Corfu, Greece and #360 were tied for the top posts.


Two] Thessaloniki, Greece remained to be the most viewed in February.


One] My farewell post to Greece, Opa!, was second to #400 as the most viewed post of the year.

Here are some more of 2016 favorites…

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  1. hi rommel.. i hope you are enjoying the holiday season.. you really take beautiful photos. keep them coming and keep on sharing them with us.. wishing you an awesome new year 🙂

  2. Your lovely collection here just reminded me of the poignancy of your photos of the world, Rommel. Thank you for taking the time, in your extensive travels and busy days, to share the meaningful faces and astounding vistas of our world. You bring sweetness into my world, and I am grateful. I hope your new year is filled with more health, and joy, and beauty.

    • I love that you mention about the things that go beyond these pictures. It’s like you can really relate, I’m sure others too. When it comes to passion, something you really love, you can always find the balance and time. HNY, Jet!

    • The Boy and The Snow was an instant favorite as I expected it. Just didn’t think it would be one of the most popular I’ve ever uploaded. Thanks for the feedback and HNY, Len.

    • Not a wonder about popularly of the picture. I actually uploaded it on Facebook as a single picture and not part of a photo album. I just knew that it is such a hit capture. Thanks for the feedback. HNY, Jude!

  3. So many wonderful memories you have created here, a beautiful collection you can be very proud of. We hope you are enjoying the holiday season and wish you a fantastic New Year! :o)

  4. Thank you so much, Rommel for sharing these beautiful moments and travel experience with us. Your photos tell stories. Thus, when you know the story, it stays with you. This is why I remember and appreciate so many you posts, not because I have good memory.
    Btw, I don’t do FB, on IG. Hope you’ll consider IG someday. 🙂
    Happy 2017, my friend!

  5. If these photos aren’t winning awards yet, they should be! Beautiful. I also really like that duck. In case you’re interested, possibly for putting a title on the picture, I can tell you as a long-time birder that the creature isn’t a wood duck (Aix sponsa) that we have here in NY but rather the mandarin (Aix gelericulata; that I had to look up again out of curiosity. Thanks. These pictures knocked my socks off!

  6. Such a beautiful showcase of just a fraction of your photography Rommel ..you have a real *seeing eye for a capture whether that be landscape.. zooming in on finer details .. or the sense of a place and people’s lives and so much more. Keep on my friend ! It’s been a fantastic year for you. I wish you all the very best for 2017 x

    • Greece and my experience was such a blast that it was quite an adjustment for me coming here in Japan. Just so grateful now that Japan offers so much for my travel fix. 🙂 Happy New Year, Poppy!

  7. I honestly don’t know how I could ever choose a favorite photo of yours. They are all so spectacular! I hope the upcoming year is filled with blessings for you Rommel, and lots of opportunity to travel. Happy New Year!

  8. I too love the “Rain of Lights” as well as the squirrel and duck photos. Happy New Year Rommel and I am so looking forward to seeing more of your photographic adventures in 2017!

  9. Your photos are so professional and this highlight post shows your artistic eye!
    I knew many – but not all – not even 9 ! And so that means I need to be more diligent about visiting more regularly in 2017….
    Happy new year

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