Shirakawago: Winter Wonderland in Japan


This place looks so unreal! Yet there it is – a real winter wonderland from another time.


And the fact that it’s in Japan even adds to the whoa! factor of this place. I mean if this was in places like New Zealand or Germany or other places in Europe, that might be awesome but not as striking.


It looks magical.




This is in Gifu Prefecture, and this not even up north where most of the snows are.


I was equally in awe seeing the snows on the road to get to Gifu.


These snow images are from the location, but I tell you, these are the same views on the road.


I was in pure delight.


Shirakawago is only an hour away from Takayama – see previous post. The historic villages with their traditional Gassho-style houses are part of UNESCO World Heritage.


We were a bit off coming here early, but it still is beautiful.




There’s a certain area portion for visitors to get inside the houses, but the village area is actually residential.


One of my favorite was actually sitting by a fire pit while sipping delicious hot tea after being in the cold.


Japan really is full of wonders!

Last Calls…






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  1. Wow! Rommel, you totally changed what my view of Japan. Your photos convinced me that Japan is a place I must visit! Thank you so much for these beautiful photos!

  2. Japan is one of the few places on earth that everything is in perfect order, and yet is elegant and poetically presented.
    Your exquisite photos expressed it so very beautifully. I’m falling in love with this place.

  3. So Beautiful! i have seen this place in a Japanese Documentary and failed to catch the place’s name. Plan to visit this place! I have been to Japan twice and there are still a lot of places to discover. πŸ™‚ I also enjoyed your blog, so many great photos!

    • You’re making me watch documentary of this place. Hmmm…
      I’ve been here just two months shy to make it a year, and you’re right!, there’s so much more to explore.
      Thanks for the comment and visit, Effie.

  4. Magical photos. Japan is an amazing country and one of the safest in the world. Also, Japan had some of the healthiest food. I never realized that it snowed there! Great informative and lovely post.

    • Japan is the safest I’ve ever been to. And yes, I am floored on how Japanese people eat so much sometimes and as if they don’t add any weight. Thanks for the comment and visit, Nancy J.

  5. This photos don’t even look real as if taken from another time. They are gorgeous, Rommel, each depicting order and perfection in their own unique way. Incredible journey you gave me this morning, for Japan I truly doubt is a place I will ever be able to see. Thank you so much!!!! ❀

  6. Aha, you are still in Japan (or still writing about your time in Japan!). I LOVE these photos; that dusting of snow is the perfect accent for this charming place.

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