Takayama, Japan

Hida-Takayama has preserved the feeling of a castle town, and is famous for its Sanno-machi historic district.


Furui Machinami (Old Private House)


It literally is filled with every Japanese items or souvenir imaginable.


Its mascot is sarubobo, which is faceless baby monkey dolls


It’s traditionally red colored and were made by grandparents  to bring happiness and good luck to their grandchildren. Today, you can see it in variety of colors, sizes, and presentations.


There used to be 60 regional headquarters during the Edo period in Japan. Now, Takayama Jinya, a historical government house, is the only original one existing today.


I do suggest to visit here during winter when snow are powdering the area.



More of these snows later. 😉

I ended the trip to this are with a delicious Hida-Takayama ramen noodles. 🙂

Last Calls…



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  1. The Opening snow pics are magical – esp as the holiday approaches!
    And the one of the street with the pink coat person is another fav!
    But of course I loved the art too! And faceless monkeys? Hm

  2. I was about to say I love those snowy photos in the beginning and I wanna see more until I reached at the end of your article where you said more of snowy photos will be coming later 😉 so rest assured I’ll be waiting for them patiently!

  3. I so enjoyed a walk down this historic street, Rommel. The snow was atmospheric, the shop items were fascinating especially the faceless baby monkey dolls, and the ramen at the end was perfect. I enjoyed every single photo for its expression of Japanese culture, especially the bicycle photo.

  4. Glorious images, Rommel. I really honor the way you make a real effort to protect the privacy of people which is a rare trait these days. I avoid photographing people. LOVE LOVE the history you sited here and the peeks into a culture I know little about are so very appreciated. Thank YOU! ❤

  5. This post buzzes with excitement, Rommel. Your street photography is wonderful. I was captive from that opening shot with the youngster looking up. Wishing you a joyful festive season, wherever you might be spending it. 🙂

  6. It’s been so long Rommel ! I’ve been rather hopeless with blogging I’m afraid this year , and very slow to connect again . BUT .. this is such a great post to find on returning to Rommel’s world . As everyone has commented alreadyb .. magical and atmospheric … How neatly everything is arranged , even the snow blankets on the trees . More snow ? yes please !!

  7. OMG, I want those dolls! They are so kawaii. ❤
    Loved all the photographs.
    Ah the beautiful snow in Japan!
    Thank you for this heartwarming post. 🙂

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