More to Rome

About a year ago, I was fortunate to get sent to Italy for a 2-week training. I posted a number of posts about my stay there before, but I just think I have a lot more to show…





It’d be injustice for me to not release these images that show how incredibly magnificent Rome really is.




When I posted Back in Rome, I only showed the more common tourist spots. What I’m showing here is there really is much more to Rome to roam about.





I consider Rome as my most favorite city.









Not only this takes me back a year ago, but also about 6 years ago when I lived in Italy for 2 years where I always take the train to visit Rome whenever I got bored and didn’t anything planned. I hope you enjoyed viewing it as well as I did.




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    • Yeah, I divert in and out of the main places. I love roaming around aimlessly, most especially in Rome, where it’s guaranteed you see something everywhere you look.

    • Thanks! And coming back to a place you’ve known is like a refresh of the things you’ve been missing. Such great pleasure and incredible feeling that was. I am grateful for it.

    • Thank you, MK. I think I was aiming for intended photography when I was there instead of merely just showing the “familiar pictures” of the different tourist spots in Rome.

  1. Love the perspectives in the photos…it must really pain them to hold their positions, judging by some of their expressions..priceless moments there 🖒😄😄

  2. Two words that comes to mind with Rome is magnificent and majestic and your photos prove it well ! It’s such a grand place with so much to see. No wonder you couldn’t get enough of it!

  3. This is really amazing. And to think it is away from the more tourist spots. There would be so much to see and do there. The statues are so magnificent. Thank you for sharing! 🙂

  4. Hi Rommel:

    I just came home from a trip to Italy. It was also my second time to Italy. New to me were Amalfi, Capri, Lido, Verona, Lake Como, Pompei, Sorrento, and Assisi. I haven’t yet started to organize my photos, which are of course not as beautiful as yours. About Rome, the Spanish Steps are now not opened for climbing. We only saw it, but it was empty. The Trevi fountain was just newly renovated and we were among the first batch of thousands of tourists there.

    I am looking around for Italy travel photos from my fellow bloggers and am happy to see your photos.

    Which is my favorite city in Italy? Florence, guess why?

    aka friendlytm

  5. What a lovely tribute of photographs to Rome ~ a beautiful city indeed and you certainly capture the spirit of it so very well.

  6. Love the contrast of the ancienty and contemporary figures… both of which see oblivious of the others… like seeing two realities at the same time. Now there is a theme to explore.

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