Fukuroda Falls in Ibaraki Prefecture, Japan

Before coming to see the unique and magical Kochia Hills at Hitachi Seaside Park, …


we also took two other stops.


One was to walk a long pedestrian suspension Ryujin bridge, ….


… where we saw bungee jumpers.

The unadventurous side of me didn’t do it. We didn’t have time, and I don’t have enough yen and it’s expensive anyways – excuses, excuses. 🙂


Secondly, to see the magnificent layered funnels of Fukuroda Falls in Daigo-machi.


A nature’s music to my ears and beauty to behold.


The adventurous side of me climbed like a thousands stairs to reach its top layer (above picture). We had enough time to go and come back; plus, there’s no extra fees to do this one. 🙂 Just need a good set of lungs and tolerance to leg pains. 😀

Last Calls …






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  1. Those waterfalls are one of the most magnificent I’ve ever seen! And hands down beautiful of course. P.s I’ve always wanted to do Bungie Jumping, just let me get a chance Rommel 😜😁

  2. Love the first photograph of the kochia hills. What kind of plant is that? It’s so ethereal and magical.

    The waterfalls look magnificent. Thanks for sharing.


  3. I would have done the stairs as well and skipped the bungee jumping. Something about throwing myself off the side of a bridge and getting jerked back up doesn’t sound too appealing.

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