Kyoto, Japan v.1

There is no denying that Kyoto is a great place for a travel destination.


Kinkaku-ji: The Golden Pavilion



Its popularity is very much warranted.


Kyoto Tower


Togetsukyo Bridge

But like other great things, it comes with some downside.



There are just so many darn people out there.

There is no way to escape it.14608743_10154699633158578_3728868199034442214_o

I’m usually fairly decent with avoiding crowd when taking pictures, but Kyoto is beyond my capability. 🙂

Nijo Castle


Bamboo Groves

I’ve shared so many of Kyoto already. And the upside is that there’s still so many spots for me to visit there.
I’ll be coming back in November.

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  1. Clicking the link to get to your blog, I felt as if I was opening a Christmas gift 😉 Thanks for taking us to Kyoto. Japan is officially on my bucket list now 😉
    Have a wonderful day!

    • 🙂 I had to take that picture real quick because the people were coming to my direction. I was so glad to have one. that’s the only one, decent photo to show the bamboo groves.

  2. Such an impressive series of photos of an impressive place… I’ve been to Kyoto once, but your views through your lens shows a much more beautiful place 🙂 Wonderful work Rommel ~ wish you a great coming weekend.

  3. It’s great that so much tradition is preserved there, but oh the crowds of tourists would drive me crazy. I love your bamboo groves photo, must be a wonderful sight, unlike the poor rickshaw man which I find very sad.

    • I was thinking that about the rickshaw. Imagine them working all day with that. Even just the thought of standing up the rest of the day is unbelievable enough. To walk, carry and even talk about Kyoto all day to their passengers is a little hard to take. I saw their leg muscles … and they are whoa! 🙂

  4. Crowds can be a pain, especially when you’re looking for a clean shot of a wonderful structure. However, Rodrigo Duterte has a solution: just call them all drug dealers and they will vanish like the morning mist.

  5. I can look at these forever ! What a grand place, so serene ! The last photo of bamboo grooves is a stunner Rommel. No wonder you can’t get enough of this place because so can’t we !

  6. I love all your photos of Kyoto Rommel. You have definitely captured the essence of her people. I know what you mean about being able to photos without so many people in your shot. I am having the same issue in Italy. I have decided to just go with the flow and let them be part of the story.

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