Kochia Hill at Hitachi Seaside Park in Hitachinaka, Japan v.1

Here’s to another Unique Japan destination.


This place is unbelievable. It looks magical. Like something out of a children’s book.


Of what is a theme park at the front is this hill carpeted with kochia bushes in the back.


It looks so whoasome!

However, we came here a bit early…


… as the colors change from green to red.


Now imagine all those greens turn into reds. I got to go back and see that.


But even with all the green ones, it’s still a wonderful sight!


With other more flowers and gardens to look at.


It’s great place to relax too.


This or next year, I’m definitely going to make it my mission to go back for autumn colors and spring nemophilas.

Last Call…


I added a new tag and menu tab “Unique Places and Events”. 😉

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  1. You have opened my eyes to something very unusual and very beautiful, a place I have never heard of previously. Thank you for allowing us to visit and see it through your eyes and the lens of your camera.

  2. Oh wow, I’ve been following your posts but I didn’t realize you were so close by! This is like a twenty minute drive away from where I was living. I visited Hitachi Seaside Park in the spring when it was covered in blue nemophila flowers. I’m surprised at how much the landscape changes based on the season. (Here’s a link to the post that I wrote about it, if you’re interested! https://ellesite.wordpress.com/2016/05/27/an-ocean-of-blue-flowers-at-kaihin-park/)

    • I badly want to see that. It is amazing how it transforms to a completely different place from one season to the next. I’m a bit far from it. 4 hours of bus drive from Kanagawa Prefecture to there.

      • Oh I love Kanagawa! Hakone and Kamakura were two of my favorite spots in Japan that I visited. I know what you mean, though. I don’t know how they manage to transform the park entirely each season, but it’s stunning.

    • Every place here has some kind of chart about different flower season. It seems like timing is quite essential to get the best of the travel. Gets frustrating at times, but quite exciting.

  3. These bushes are so cool!! What an awesome place! The purple is very pretty. You have to go back and take more photos after they rest turn! Love the effect in your final photo:)

    • I’m afraid not, Gilly. I scheduled something this weekend, and then I have work on the weekend the week after that. I’ll be back there in spring instead, and maybe next year for the red colors.

  4. Wow wow and wow! I mean how many times more are you gonna make me say it Rommel ??!! Your every post one after the other has been mind blowing. I mean look at That place and pictures….wow !😁😁

  5. Wow, this place looks a bit surreal ~ and I remember I’ve seen photos of it when it has all turned red, but I like this yellowish-green look and feel. I look forward to seeing your ‘red’ photos too. The third shot is my favorite, the couple walking through ~ it looks so peaceful. You’ve seen some amazing sights through your travel ~ keep them coming for us to enjoy. Cheers!

  6. What a lovely place to be, Rommel. And thank you for taking us there. That’s why I love reading blogs… they take me to places that I probably won’t have a chance to go. I am happy like a kid. 😉

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