Special Report

My 10 Most Favorite City Overlooks

For nearly 400 posts, this is only the first time that I’ve done a travel related top 10 ranking post.


These are based on MY preferences out of MY travel experiences.

10. Stratosphere [Las Vegas, Nevada]


You can view the pretty casino lights and themes of the Sin City from Stratosphere. However, I heard seeing it from the top of Mandalay Bay is so much better especially it being near the main sights.

 09. The Castle of Kavala [Kavala, Greece]


One of the most underrated travel destinations has one of my best overlooking views I’ve ever seen.


08. Chania [Crete, Greece]


This is a very personal choice, mainly because that’s a view from my apartment when I was in Greece. 🙂 You can see the similar view from Koukouvaya Cafe or Nymfes Cafe; or see the other side at Mega Place; all in Chania.


07. Eiffel Tower [Paris, France]

Well, duh! I think it’s pretty obvious that I’m including the City of Light on the list.


 06. Tokyo Tower, Skytree, World Trade Center [Tokyo, Japan]


I was shocked how concrete Tokyo really is. Skyscrapers everywhere. But don’t be alarmed, there are still a lot of hidden nature gems scattered around this city. You just not have to keep a wider look. 🙂 The top picture is from Skytree. The bottom picture shows Tokyo Tower as seen from World Trade Center.


 05. Michelangelo Plaza [Florence, Italy]

I love Florence. I’m sure not everyone agrees, but I actually prefer it over Venice. 😉


 04. Griffith Park Observatory [Los Angeles, California]


An outstanding vantage point to view the Hollywood Sign, the California sun, and LA’s skyline.


03. Acropolis [Athens, Greece]


Acropolis means the highest point of a city in Greece. Despite the bad reps of Athens from being messy, crowded, and congested, I actually love the city for its numerous attractions and historical presence. Get atop the Acropolis and see the concrete jungle that is Athens.



02. Oia [Santorini, Greece]


Santorini is popular for all the right reasons.



It’s a tight competition between this and my #1.

01. Capri, Italy


How I wish I could just fly and glide through this gorgeous overlooking view.


Dang! I, myself, am day-dreaming of going to these places.

Well there you have it, folks. These are my most favorite city overlooking views. Care to share some of yours?

Others into considerations:

Palazzo Pubblico [San Marino, Italy]; Old Fortress [Corfu, Greece]; San Francisco, California; Rome, Italy; Urasoe [Okinawa, Japan]; Paleochora, Chania [Crete, Greece]; Cabrillo National Monument [San Diego]; Paul Getty Center [Los Angeles]; White Tower [Thessaloniki, Greece]; Serra Cross Park [Ventura, California]; Jerez, Spain; Naxos, Greece;  La Fortezza [Rethymno, Greece]; etc.

I hope to see you on my 400th post, coming up next!

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  1. Oh man!! I very well died half way to the end, these places are to die for after all 😍 I see Greece number of times on your top 10 list, this just went down in my bucket list now ! Great post Rommel, loved it !

    • I sometimes feel that way when I read other travel blogs. I swear, I really think flying for individual humans has already been invented. They just don’t release it because it would put cars and planes out of business. 🙂

    • The best ever. For a year, I look at that view. And now, I don’t have any except for cars driving by. It even tells me that I really had something great in Greece last year. I miss it dearly. Oh well, Japan is treating me well. 🙂

  2. I would absolutely hate Vegas, but living in a small low rise city I love cityscapes at night, so that one, LA and Tokyo are my favourites. They are excellent shots as well, did you use a tripod?

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