Ramen “Museum” in Yokohama, Japan

Hmmm … I can’t remember the last time I did a post related to food.


Yokohama is practically the closest big city from where I currently live. So whenever I have short time to spare before going home, I sometimes end up exploring Japan’s second largest city by population. Being it nearby, it is also a good destination for me since weather here is so unpredictable, and September here in Japan means a lot of rain.

I first went to see the Cosmo Clock….


… and to see the pretty lights of Yokohama’s skyline.


*All images are taken with a cellphone.

Then I boarded back on the train to Shin-Yokohama and visit the Ramen “Museum”, which is 30 minutes away. I say this not to confuse it with the nearby Nissan Cup Noodles Museum which is in Minato.


I’m air-quoting “museum” because it is barely a “ramen museum”.


The whole basement is a recreation of Tokyo in the year 1958- the year when ramen started to become popular.


Visitors can walk aroundΒ  this made antiquated narrow alleyway with one complete loop of the basement area. The whole area is not big at all. And that pretty much is the museum part of the Ramen “Museum”.


It has 9 ramen restaurants you can pick from. They have lots of ramen varieties which include dishes from other regions in Japan and even the ones with influences from other countries. The neat part is that the restaurants offer small bowls so you don’t have to order just one kind of noodle dish. And that’s the ramen part of the “Ramen Museum”.


I have to say that the ramen I had was pretty darn good! I was slurping away like no one’s around me.


I’m shrugging my shoulder on this one. It’s barely a museum. And the other unsavory part is that you have to pay about $3 to get inside. That’s like paying a fee to go inside the mall to order your meal in the food court area. I hate to be frank, but it looks more like a ramen business museum to me. And if you really want to visit old town settings in Japan, there are some much more authentic places like the ones in Kawagoe and Narai. That’s without paying an entrance fee.

People come here for the ramen part of the Ramen “Museum”. People try out the different varieties, flavors, or influences. I guess that’s the savory part of this place. Then again, you can find ramen pretty much anywhere in Japan to have that much variety.

Last Call …


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  1. I do love a good bowl of authentic Japanese ramen, the “museum” sounds kind of fun to go around and experiment with the different flavors/dishes of ramen from around Japan ~ and the place looks pretty cool (nice photos!).

  2. This looks like such a rad place !! That bowl sure does looks scrumptious !😍 If I didn’t just had BBQ I would be drooling by now😁

  3. I must agree with Sylvia Rommel. Your low-light photography with your iPhone is wonderful. I may never get to visit this region so I much appreciate your perspective.

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