Cat Cafe in Ueno, Japan

Following my post on Ueno, Japan is the Cat Cafe. It is my favorite from the gazillion of things to do and see in the colorful city of Ueno.


The biggest part of the reason why I choose to visit is that I really miss the cats I had last year when I was in Greece. I think it’s primarily the reason why people visit this place. It’s for foreigner travelers who are missing their cat, for people who can’t have pets on their apartment, or basically for cat lovers.


The cats here have very nice furs that feels so good to pet.



They all look so curious.



*All images are taken with a cellphone.


How to get to Neko Maru Cafe in Ueno: Get to Ueno Train Station. Once there, take the Asakusa Exit, take left, you will get to a building with a Wendy’s at the front with a “First Kitchen” sign below that building, go to the left, of the same building you should see an elevator, take that elevator and go up to the 8th floor, and ahoy! Neko Maru Cafe is right there in front of you.


All it really is a room full of cats that is open for visitors, well, customers to spend time with the cats.


To be completely honest, it’s may not be worth it for anybody. It’s good for me because I needed some pet time with cats. πŸ™‚ And that’s all it really is … some pet time with cats. I was there after 7 pm, and it was a good time because most of the cats were awake and were walking around.


If you really want to visit a Cat Cafe, for some pet time or for the unique experience, Neko Maru is a really good choice. The place is very pleasant-looking; it is clean and organized. They have a lot of toys for the cats. Available snacks for cats are offered. I didn’t care for the “cafe” part, but food and beverages are available too. Everything is cat-themed. And most of all the cats here really are cute.

Last Call…


By the way, many of the cats in Neko Maru are rescued cats. πŸ˜‰

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  1. Oh boy, I see that I should share this post with my daughter who lives with cats and cares for the animals on a Caribbean island. And sure, I relate, as well, living with two love-able hairballs.

  2. This is a great example of why Japan can fascinate me at time ~ a great review and view into the world of cat cafes, these photos show a bit why cats are such a draw for people. They look so much at home ~

  3. They have these cat cafes here in Seoul too, but I must admit I have never ventured inside one. Definitely NOT a cat person. Dog person all the way… and the cat allergies don’t have anything to do with it. Hahaha. πŸ˜‰

    • Hey there Shelley! I know about cat cafes in Singapore from another blogger, Sha. Thinking about it now, maybe a dog cafe or cat cafe in the US isn’t such a bad idea in the US.

  4. I assure you Rommel I’d die of cute overdose in that cafe ! πŸ™ˆ This looks like a heaven for cat people. So nice to you know are a cat person too πŸ˜‰ All the cats are adorable😻

  5. More cuteness overload, Rommel. They have opened a few cat cafes in NYC but they were fully booked when I tried to go. Your post inspires me to go again. PS: I visited the Ra.a.g.f rabbit cafe in Harajuku when I visited Tokyo. I had a blast but my friend was horrified by all the bunnies : )

    • A lot of the animal cafes here get really busy too. It’s nice to know that they open one in NYC. I was just there in Harajuku, and boy that it a very interesting place!!!
      A rabbit cafe, that’s interesting too. I can’t help but to think about where they pop. πŸ™‚ I mean, at least with cats you can still poppy train them somehow. But I wonder if that’s also the case with rabbits.

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