Squirrel Garden in Machida, Japan


I used to always feed squirrels when I was in California. They’re roaming freely around by the pier in Downtown Ventura. When I saw an ad about a squirrel “garden”, I immediately knew I wanted to go there.


They are so cute.


And utterly photogenic! I’ve always known that, so I was excited to come here.


In Machida’s Squirrel Garden, they just scamper around everywhere. They are so many of them there.


You can get a bag of nuts to feed them.


It was so nice, amusing and such fun!


They do get comfortable, and start to jump at you. And boy, they can jump. It’s up to you to be friendly or get jumpy. If you put the glove and the nuts on your lap, they will sit on you.


They have different houses for them.


…. and hotels. 😀


Is anybody home?


This one was just chillin’ despite all the nut-grabbing action going around. 😀


My only reservation is that, unlike here, I was doing something like this when I was in California for free. Oh well, that’s basically what zoos are for. In this case, a squirrel “garden” is for.


I do love that they’re plenty of them all in here. And they look like they’re enjoying themselves, and that they’re very well accommodated. 🙂

Last Call…


How to get to Squirrel Garden: From Machida Station, take the North Exit. Go straight and walk about 5 minutes until you see POP building. Take the #21 bus in front of that building, look for the bus sign. You can use your PASMO train card for bus fare. Stop at Yakushi-Ike or Yakushigaoka , it’s a park right across squirrel garden. Best to tell the bus operator where you trying to stop at. I’ll post about Yakushiike Park later. 😉


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  1. What a wonderful place to visit 😉 Im sure you couldn’t go there and NOT smile! thank you for sharing this wonderful little utopia with us 🙂

    • They get very close. Some of them put their hands on top of their heads with the gloves and the nuts, and the squirrels would then proceed on top. That’s for photo op.

    • Yup! That’s why I researched online about this place immediately.
      I bet there are places in NY where there is a squirrel hang-out spot. The one in Ventura, California is by the pier, so many that’s a good start.

  2. first time i’ve heard of a squirrel garden.. must be super awesome feeding them because they look so cute and tame. thank you for sharing 🙂

    • I’ve seen a lot of of “first time I heard of squirrel garden” in the comments. This could go on my list of unique places in Japan.

  3. Very good photos Rommel, they are really cute. Here in the UK most people are less keen on them because they have dramatically reduced the number of our native red squirrels, that are way, way more beautiful if you’re lucky enough to see one!

  4. This is a beautiful~crazy thing to see! Your 5th photo says it all: an amazing/fun experience…especially for the kids. Squirrels in the States, as you mention, are so plentiful and photogenic – but what you’ve captured here is a perfect attraction. Power to the squirrels 🙂

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