Special Report


Last Call…



It’s been a dream on mine to go Africa. I wanna see the beautiful people of Africa, and of course, the animals.

10. Place where you’d like to go

Paris, France

We didn’t exactly have a lot of time when we were in Paris. I’m grateful for my visit there, but a day and a half in Paris just doesn’t cut it. I would want to explore Paris more.

09. Place you’d like to go back to

Crete, Greece

chania (30)

My girl in Crete was a good one. She took good care of me. I will never forget her.

08. Place where you lived a romantic moment


07. Place where you lived a memorable moment

Vigan, Philippines

[E]mpanada in Vigan

I would trade any other food I got in exchange of Vigan empanada. I’ve been many places and have tasted many culture food, but Vigan empanada is THE best of them all. We tried a supposedly Vigan empanada in Manila, but it’s just not the same as if you’re to get it exactly in Vigan. I’m craving for Vigan empanda. What I wouldn’t give for my lips to have a meeting with Vigan empanada again. 🙂

I wonder when we’d get to invent something that would record taste into memory. Ahihihi 😀

06. Place where you had a tasty memories

Seville, Spain


There’s just so much to see and do in Seville, and it’s just so pretty. I had a memorable fun night there too.

05. Place which surprised you

Mykonos, Greece


My fault for having such a high expectation from our trip to Mykonos. I just don’t see how this place is popular.

04. Place which disappoints you

Iwo Jima, Japan


We walked and hiked from the air terminal all the way up to Mt. Suribachi for 4 hours, to and back. I was beat. I couldn’t imagine the soldiers braving to go to war and fight, and then imagine them with the physical exhaustion they had to go through.  Mad respect to the servicemen who fought the Battle of Iwo Jima.


03. Place which touched you



I hated my work when I was in Italy. But it was such an awesome country, and I had THE BEST circle of friends.

02. Place where you had fun



I’ve been all kinds of places, but Philippines is the nearest and dearest to my heart.

01. Place you always bring with you

I decided to, for the first time, follow a rule of sticking to just one answer. 😉

I was tagged by Living Out The Box and About Her Small World. They both have outstanding responses to this tagged post. I say head over to their posts instead of staying here on mine.

I’ve been wanting to do a post where things are backwards. I finally found one that I can apply that to. I apologize if this makes you dizzy and confused. 😀


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  1. Beautiful photos and memories, Rommel. I hope you get to see Africa one day and do a grand safari. You will love riding in an open Land Rover to see the ‘Big Five’. 🙂 My two favourite photos here…..that delicious looking Empanada and the blue blue Philippines shot.

  2. Of the places on your list I haven’t been, I’d like to go to the Philippines, that would be heaven. I’d like to go back to Botswana with a really good camera to do safari and I hope that you will go there one day to see the wildlife and to West Africa to meet the people.
    If I’d tried to post backwards I would have got in a real tangle!

  3. Such amazing travels and memories, Rommel. Your photos are fabulous and I’m drawn in wanting to be a part. You have been so many beautiful and interesting places. How very lucky you are! 🙂

  4. Impressive list of the destinations you’ve been and all of your experiences there. I am looking forward to see and read your reportage from Africa. I am pretty sure some day you’ll visit it.

  5. Awesome answers! Go glad you decided to do this. I loved reading your answers and seeing what other travels you’ve done. I’d love to spend some time in Japan like you as well. Your posts have been great so far on the place.
    We lived in Paris for 5 months. I have to say it ruined my initial impression of it on our first visit. Living in a place is so different than visiting!

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