I often wonder what makes a travel destination more popular than another location.

Is it the views?


Kavala, Greece has one of my top overlooking views I’ve ever been to.


It is accessible by going up the castle.



Is it the historical background or importance?


In Kavala, you can ride a bus to take you to the ancient site of Philippi.


This is where Brutus was defeated by Mark Antony and Octavian. This Battle of Philippi was triggered after the assassination of Julius Ceasar. A UNESCO World Heritage site, the area of Philippi dates back all the way from prehistoric times (5500 BC).


We had a dog for a tourist…


Is it the food?


Old Aqueduct Kamares


I don’t have the pictures for it, but there was this Greek place we went to two times out of the two days we were there because they just have one of the best gyros I’ve ever tasted.


Is it the water?


Okay, maybe Kavala is not the best when it comes to water destinations, especially against other beach destinations in Greece. But Kavala’s port still offers a picturesque view of the city and the water which makes for a nice, quiet walk around Panagia.


This view reminds me of the one in Amalfi, Italy.

Is it the charm?

Kavala has got the charm.

Last Call…


Maybe it’s the geographical location. Kavala isn’t really the most situated location in Greece. Maybe it’s character, or definitive or defining features of a place. Kavala doesn’t really have much on that aspect. Maybe it’s the famous people or media that are influencing a certain travel destination to become popular. I didn’t know about Kavala until I got to Greece. I always hear about Santorini, Athens, and Mykonos. Okay, maybe Kavala isn’t really the best, but I really think that it is way too underrated.

Can you think of at least one underrated city or place you’ve been to?




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  1. I haven’t ever heard of Kavala either until now. Thanks for showing us its unique charm. I would say Panzano where we lived in Tuscany for 10 months, is very underrated and very gorgeous. 🙂

    • It wasn’t touristy when we were there. We were there during off season though. Even then, I can’t even it being more popular than many of the Greek islands.

  2. First time hearing about Kavala but it looks charming! The graffiti is amazing and the city looks colorful 🙂 Thanks for introducing this city for us.

  3. Interesting question, Rommel: “underrated.” As with you I have visited and appreciated many destinations – some highly recommended and others, not at all. I have never paid much heed to travel guides and others opinions as I have found what appeals to me often doesn’t to people who share their oft publicized critiques. Finding gems that no one touts and reveling in the magic of a unique locale is was does it for me. Along with: 1) the people 2) the culture 3) the food 4) the history and 5) who I am traveling with as their perspectives can awaken me to even broader experiences. Kavala sounds like a delightful find.

    • I forgot culture. I was going to say the people or the people you travel with, but then it’s a bit off when talking about just the place. But most definitely, companionship changes one’s travel experiences. I also was thinking about the fun factor or the night life but decided not to because those are not my frames for reference.

      • Valid points you raise, Rommel. I agree that some of what I cited ‘bleeds’ into the more specific criteria that contribute toward making a destination special. But not having a good travel companion could diminish all of the location’s favorable qualities. Just sayin… 🙂

  4. A small town called MacBride in BC is pretty underrated. Being situated in the Rockies gives it one of the most breathtaking appearances that I’ve ever seen any town of any size have.

  5. It’s best to keep quiet about them, Rommel, or hey presto and they’re full of tourists! I do love an aqueduct though, and not so known Elvas in Portugal has a superb one. 🙂

  6. I never heard of kavala and it looks great – the history there is rich and I liked see the modern sign near the aqueducts –
    The blue green in the “is it the water” photo was nice – and wish you had a pic of the gyro — sounds so good and gyros are something I wish I had more often!
    Have a good day R!

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