Horikiri Iris Garden in Tokyo, Japan

This was supposed to be a festival. But I missed all the festival shows and activities because I took a detour elsewhere instead of going straight here. Oh well, I get to visit a flowery flowery place, which I haven’t done in a long time.


I have to say I’m a little surprise that this garden is in Tokyo.


Irises look weird to me.


Well, oddly beautiful, I should say.


There are other kinds of flowers in the garden as well as along the streets leading to it.



I’m not sure about this next one. It’s a bit questionable?


If you’re in Japan during this time of the year, make note of visiting an iris garden or witnessing an iris festival and see if it is right for you. Iris festivals and gardens are all over in Japan, so do your research on which area suits best. The exact location of this garden is Katsushika, one of the 23 special wards of Tokyo.

Last Call…


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  1. I love this Post. The Irises are amazing in shape and variety of colour. The Hydrangeas and Water Lilies are beautiful too. A gift from God, the Creator.

  2. Hey R – when i scrolled the post and saw the cool photo with the back folks with umbrellas and then the overpass and homes – I was expecting something different I guess – and then you give us this masterful floral display – seriously professional feel to your flower photos – and all flower lovers need to come here and indulge

    • Ow I remember the birds here. I decided to take a break, just sit down, and relax. The birds started getting closer to me. So cool! I didn’t whip out my camera because I didn’t want them to startle them and then leave during my relax time. πŸ˜€

  3. We have the blue, flag irises here in Ireland but the ones with the colours on the edges of the petals are stunning. (Rommel can you email me as I found a copy of The Runaway Schoolhouse for you.)

  4. Such different photos from you! I anticipate landscape, cityscapes, oblivious people going about life, etc. Close up of flowers. Wow! And, better you, you pull back to show that these delightful flowers rest below the urban back-drop of fences, rooftops and road overpasses.
    I noticed that you dropped by for our Sierra vacation. Being from CA have you been to the Eastern Sierras? Jaw-dropping views.

  5. I have been staring at the screen for quite some time right now… breathtaking! Gorgeous! You are so talented to capture the emotion.
    Dajena πŸ™‚

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