Beauty in the Mundane

Photographers and bloggers, you all have been great teachers to me. But it’s my turn. It’s about time for me to do this post.


I can’t really say I photograph random things. I’m really more of a traveler, and the things I take pictures of are mainly travel photos.



But I’m always alert to anything that catches the eye.


Things that pop out.


I love getting closer.



I try to focus on other things.


Simple things. Things that are plain, and not exactly popular or interesting,




I try to look around, look up and look down.




I always keep an eye to anything that appeals me.



It doesn’t have to be perfect.


As long as it has character.


Stopping us at our tracks …


… are some of these inanimate objects that make us ponder.



Where the color changes.


But I don’t mind things that are pale or dull.



I don’t mind darkness.



Don’t underestimate anything.


Never take things for granted.


Learn to appreciate little things in life.


Because these “little” things have so much capabilities to surprise and attract.


There is something deep and extraordinary in the most common and ordinary things.


We just have to look.


And find that what simple is beautiful.


And that there really is beauty in the mundane.

Last Call …


This post is part of Special Reports.


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39 replies »

  1. I really liked this one πŸ™‚ You are right on so many points and I Love the photography of the seemingly insignificant πŸ™‚ GREAT Post!

  2. That’s fine Art photography,Rommel!Superb monochromatic and coloured composites making the ordinary extra-ordinary!Splendid POV perfectly executed πŸ™‚

  3. One of the most interesting and diverse collections of images I’ve seen in a long time Rommel, if ever you put down roots long enough, you should exhibit them.

  4. A marvellous gallery of fascinating ‘mundane’images. It’s amazing how artistic those rows of white chairs look, just as the two chairs underneath the tree. You have a true photographer’s eye. Well done. πŸ™‚

    • I love those two chairs, and I’m glad it gets at least one mention whenever I present it. It’s such a simple shot with so much to say. I love that the chairs are two different colors.

  5. There is beauty in the mundane and the emptiness Rommel. Often we don’t know this until we spend time there letting go of the busyness and distraction. Thanks for reminding us of that today. Beautiful shots πŸ™πŸ»

    • I had a dilemma whether to process the image into B&W or give it a dirty look. I ended leaving it the way it is. Thanks for the comment and visit.

  6. Hey Rommel these are such wonderfully arty, innovative and unusual shots. I just love them and I could pick out SO many favourites, but the ones that jumped out most were: ‘Alert to anything that catches the eye’, ‘Where the colour changes’, ‘There is something deep and extraordinary in the most common and ordinary things’, and ‘Never take things for granted’ (probably my favouritest!). Love the very last one too.

  7. Very interesting photos:) I like the effect of some in B&W. I guess what we photograph depends on our purpose. I mainly take travel type photos that show where we are and what we are seeing. Someone who is into just the photography will do photos like you chose for today’s post. All are wonderful and I enjoy looking at them all. Thanks for sharing!

  8. Accomplished! Thank you, Rommel for sharing such fine photograph. Your ability to see beauty in the mundane is inspiring. Have a super day!😊

  9. Its the simple things that should count more. It takes courage to see beauty in mundane. Seeing with one’s eyes and liking what one sees is one thing, seeing through the lens is another ball game, its like giving life to ones worldview πŸ˜‰.

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