Oze Hike

I won the photo contest again!

It’s my header photo which I took from my hike in Kamikochi.


I didn’t think they’d pick me again given I already won the previous month. I’m even prouder now knowing that the first win wasn’t just a one-time thing.

I probably won’t submit anything this month to give way for other people.

Now, moving on with Oze…


While Kamikochi is an easy, for nature beauty hike, Oze is a moderate to challenging, nature beauty hike.

Sorry folks, I only had a cellphone for taking pictures.


We took the Numayama Toge Pass with elevation of 1700 – 1770 meters.

We headed to the marsh areas where we missed the blooming of skunk cabbage.


It’s still pretty nonetheless.


Can you see the tiny people?

Then stopped at the visitor’s center to admire Lake Ozenuma and Mt. Hiuchigatake.




We then tackled a long walk looping around the lake.

And came back again to ascending hike of 1660 – 1770 meters, all the way up the starting point.

Oze National Park is the largest highland marsh in Japan. Oze is part of Gunma Prefecture.

Even though we missed the skunk cabbages and the sky was covered with clouds, it’s still a great way to explore nature’s beauty in Japan. Better this than sitting in my room, or doing my coursework ( Ooops 😀 ). Plus, it really is a good leg work-out. 😉

Last Call…


If you hear bells dinging from hikers’ bags, it’s not to annoy you. The bells are to avoid unexpected encounter with a bear during the hike through the dense forest. I told our hike guide that I wouldn’t mind having a meeting with a bear. 😀




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  1. Love your header pic, Rommel. Lake Ozenuma and Mt. Hiuchigatake are so beautiful. That was quite some hike you did, and not even one bear sighting or encounter. How disappointing for you! 🙂 I wonder what you would do if you did meet a bear face to face. Knowing you, you’d probably just charm him. 😀

    • It’s from a tour company. They use the winning photos as advertising tools. I received money for it, not a lot, but it really is the great satisfaction I get from having my photos picked that get me to submit my photos.

  2. Blooming of skunk cabbage. Is that an oxymoron, Rommel? 🙂 Congratulations on another win. Does this truly surprise you? Onward with more photpgraphic (and hiking) success.

    • No, I just used an oxymoron from the previous post. 🙂
      I actually googled it if “blooming” is the right word to go with skunk cabbage, and I was right.

      • I was joking. 🙂 I simply thought it strange that something named skunk cabbage would “bloom” when blooming in my mind conjures Nature’s display of cherry blossoms, tulips, etc. Regardless, appreciate your double checking, Rommel.

  3. What simply wonderful paths to follow! I remember skunk cabbage in Canada – the moose like to eat it. Never remember seeing it blooming though!

    • The ones in Canada are pretty popular when it comes to skunk cabbage. The ones in Oze are white. You can google “skunk cabbage bloom in oze”.

  4. You’ve probably heard the joke about the bear bells, haven’t you Rommel? What is most often found in grizzly scat…bear bells. We learned from scientists in Yellowstone who studied bears that the best think to carry when hiking in bear country is bear spray and to talk loudly when you are hiking through forested areas where bears may be found. Bears most often try to avoid humans and are familiar with our voices. Glad to see you are enjoying what Mother Nature is providing in Japan.

    • You know, it took me a bit to understand the joke. 😀
      Who the hell are you!? Ahihihi 😀 Joke only! Hope all is well with you, Lu.

      • How soon they forget! Actually I am going to get into blogging in a little bit. We are heading up to MT in a few days to visit friends, then on into Canada to visit another friend. This fall we are taking a trip through France and Italy for a couple of months. Of course I will have to blog about that! Hope all is well with you Rommel. 🙂

  5. Congrats Rommel! Your photos are just gorgeous and you deserve to win! The hike looks great too but not so sure you want an encounter with a bear ha!! 😬

  6. Another beautiful hike with gorgeous views! That is quite a boardwalk they built to get through the marsh. Nothing like elevation gain to give one a good workout! I can see why your reflection photo won…just spectacular:)

    • That little elevation kicked my ***. Oh well, a little prep for when I climb Mt. Fuji. 😀 BTW, I love the photos on your latest post about hiking and biking near Buffalo.

  7. That is a good reflection shot, congrats.
    Wow, a boardwalk to hike up the mountain! It is always nice to get out and enjoy nature. And with just a cellphone you managed to capture its beauty.

  8. Congratulations, Rommel on winning the contests. You deserve it; your photography is outstanding!

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