Unique Greece

As I inch closer to my 400th, I’m kick-starting a dispersed series *oxymoron* of Special Reports.

This is the Greek version of my previous posts Unique California 1 & 2.

There really isn’t much “unique” stuff in Greece, but I want to scrape the surface on this.

From churches almost in the middle of the water just like the one in Corfu, to windmills everywhere in Lassithi, pink beach in Elafonisi, to a “buried” church in Ios, here are some more of the most unusual, unique, weird, odd, out-of-this-world, one-of-a-kind, outlandish, and fun places, things, and events in Greece…

Let’s start from “THE beginning” …


The Minoan is attributed as the cradle of civilization in Europe. And at Minoan Palace of Knossos in Iraklio, Crete, Greece, there are traces of its past. It’s associated with the Greek mythology involving King Minos, which gave rise to the term Minotaur and the word labyrinth.

In fair to middling Thessaloniki, you can see an umbrellas sculpture right by the seafront.



One is not like the other …


Interestingly, you can spot a similar exhibition at the Sygma Station in Athens.


Even though I wasn’t fond of Mykonos, it did take me to one of the top most historically interesting place I’ve ever been …


It is interesting enough that Delos is an uninhabited island with only the ruins as the only dwelling residents. People cannot live here. That’s how sacred and historically important and valued this place is.


What’s even more interesting is that beside the fact that no one can make Delos a home, no one is also allowed to either give birth or die on it.

Holy Week in Greece is so unique!


They make a bonfire at midnight…


At least in Crete, they burn an effigy of persons of interest that they don’t like …



And then, together with the effigy, they lit fireworks.

They sure celebrate Easter with a bang!

I’ll end this post with an island that doesn’t allow any car.


Hydra is an island with no automobile in sight. No motorcycle. No bus. No bike. Not even a golf cart. Mules, donkeys, and horses are their only means of transportation. The only motorized vehicle allowed on the island is – are you ready? – one dump truck, perhaps for sanitation requirements.


We are getting too strange so I’m going to stop here. If you’re intrigued by one of these unique stuff, either click on the links or try the Search tab.

Last Call …





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  1. 6 months i spent in Crete, it’s a wonderfull place, lovely people, very good memories & friends for all my life. Pictures are lovely, im sure you had an amazing time )))

  2. Wow – 400. That is mind-blowing. I love this post, and was especially intrigued by Delos and Hydra. Did you have to sign a waiver when you visited Delos, promising not to die? You inspire wanderlust 🙂

    • It’s taking me two years to go from 300 to 400 posts. As long as they are promising me that nobody would murder me, then I’ll sign any waivers. Ha! 😀

  3. “Marvellous things happen to one in Greece – marvellous good things which can happen to one nowhere else on earth” Henry Miller – The Colossus of Maroussi

    • I can only think that they have emergency responders than are more than alert and ready for situations like that. Probably have a motored boat that is always available in those cases.

    • There are really beautiful pictures of it on the web with the sunset/rise. But I absolutely didn’t mind the weather. I kind of like the effect of those umbrellas and the rain. 😉

  4. You have captured very unique parts of Greece, at least from my perspective ~ all sights worth seeing. Great photos and explanation and the one that really stuck out and makes me want to capture the experience with my camera is their Holy Week. After this, I can see myself just hanging around and enjoying the country. If there was to be a home for me there, I like the idea of Hydra. It seems so perfect 🙂

  5. The images of fire and candles are superb, well they all are actually and i love the umbrellas. Thanks for this post, I’ve never really been interested in visiting Greece but you’ve made it appealing.

    • Greece was in the back of head back then, but I never really wanted to be there as I preferred other countries. Having lived there, the negative things I’ve heard about Greece and my presumptions of it are all but gone.

  6. Rommel you just never disappoint. Another simply wonderful variety of pics that really are quite unique. I just love the umbrella sculpture, and the donkey, and a great one of the photographer lounging around with a drink!

  7. Hey, love your blog and have especially enjoyed a trip around the Greek Islands with you! I will be in Kos in two days time and can’t wait to be back there 🙂 It’s such a haven! We always stay in the Kefalos region which is less built up for tourists but still with plenty of amenities, a busy harbour area and thriving community. I can thoroughly recommend Kos and the nearby islands if you get out there again! It’s NOTHING like Mykanos. We’ve been to Rhodes a few times which is much more touristy than when my hubby used to visit as a kid but still has its unspoilt areas and amazing wildlife. Sadly I can’t go to Hydra! My sister’s best friend, Zoë, is originally from there but I couldn’t even manage her wedding. Why? I’m disabled and although I can walk short distances I can’t do hills or the dreaded cobbles! Another of our friends tried going with her mobility scooter and although they’re allowed they don’t do too well on cobbles either!! I think all the guests had to take it in turns carrying her from place to place and onto water taxis. It’s such a pretty looking island too! Ah well, you can’t have everything you wish for in life.

  8. Love the photos you documented along your journey in Greece. I visited a few places and the views and food definitely helped… history in Athens is hard to rival too. That whole democracy thang is hard to beat.

  9. I will be visiting Thessaloniki start of next month (hopefully) 🙂 did you like it there?
    fascinating photos on your blog, fantastic work 🙂

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