Jizo Statues at Hase-Dera and The Great Buddha of Kamakura in Kanagawa, Japan

I’ma tell you now –  Kamakura will go down as one of my favorites!


And it is right here in the prefecture where I am currently residing at.


Last night, we experienced a minor earthquake here. Haven’t felt one for a long time. Dizzying but quite a thrill!



Kamakura isn’t necessarily the best, but I was completely charmed by it that it became an instant favorite of mine.




I don’t know who wouldn’t be with these little Jizo statues.


It is estimated that some 50,000 Jizō statues have been placed at Hase-dera since WWII.

In Kamakura, it’s kind of neat that you get to see the cute little ones and this big, giant one.


There was a festival going on when I was there – a selfie festival. 😀

The Great Buddha of Kamakura, may be hard to believe, is about 764 years old.

If you are ever here, don’t just come here for the “Daibutsu”. There really isn’t much there except for this thing of beauty and grandeur. Go and see the Jizo statues in Hase-dera and explore a little bit more of the surrounding area including the view of the coast. Half a day is enough for this trip.

And it is always good to know a little about the place you are going to.


It is actually a very interesting place.

The Great Buddha actually was originally enshrined inside a building. This building was damaged and ultimate devastated by two typhoons. They rebuilt another to shelter The Daibutsu of Kamakura, but it was again destroyed by a severe earthquake in 1498.


And so they left The Great Buddha out in the open.

Last Calls …



My ONLY guess is that The Great Buddha is extremely claustrophobic. 😀

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  1. You sure get to the most gorgeous places. Perhaps the Buddha prefers the outdoors and that is the reason the temples kept falling down around him.

    • Yeah, if we ever get another one, I hope it’s just as light as what we experienced that week. I got dizzy afterwards. I can’t imagine the worst it’d if it’s more intense.

  2. Beautiful photos! I have yet to check this place in my bucket list and seeing these photos you’ve taken makes me want to go back to Japan sooner! 😀 Ah, but I can’t yet. You’re lucky you live in Japan now! There’s so much to see there and so rich in history. Plus their culture, there’s so much to learn. 🙂

  3. Very interesting stories. More stories from Japan! 🙂 God Bless

  4. What a very charming place. All those enigmatic smiles must be catching, Rommel. 🙂
    Not desperately keen to feel the earth move, but it would definitely keep you on your toes.

  5. When I was 8 years old, we traveled to Japan. I remember the Great Budha. Can you still go inside it? For some reason, I believe that we could at that time.

    • Go inside? There is one in Nara where the Great Buddha is indoor. This one is just outside, wide open. Just need to pay for entrance to get in.

      • No, I recall that we could go through a door at the back of the Buddha and go inside the Budha (kind of like you used to be allowe dto go inside the Statue of Liberty). What an 8 year old boys recalls from childhood travels 🙂

  6. Really cool! I love the different depictions of Buddha across Asia. I’ve always enjoyed the aesthetics of the Thai Buddha. I really enjoyed seeing your photos I haven’t yet been to Japan nor explored Zen Buddhism. At any of those places did you learn about Zen Buddhist theology? I’m not exactly sure how it differs from Theraveda or other styles of Buddhism but I’m definitely going to look it up!

    • I really am grateful to be here. It’s so great to witness the things people do that associate with their belief, and I respect every religion. Thanks for the comment and visit, Rob.

  7. What a great post and absolutely beautiful photographs. I love the “selfie festival”! I was lucky enough to travel to Japan last year but didn’t get to visit Kanagawa. You inspired me to add it to my list for next time!

  8. I was there many years ago and your photos are really well thought out so much better than the ones I took back then. Really nice to see the great Buddha once again. A real treasure. Thanks for posting!

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