The Typewriter in Rome, Italy


This typewriter was made for a particular person.


This typewriter is massive. It’s the biggest typewriter I’ve ever seen in my life.


This typewriter, unlike other typewriters, is definitely not something people would just ignore.


This typewriter is hard to miss.


This typewriter is different than most of its kind in Italy.


This isn’t your typical typewriter that gets antiquated.


This typewriter, because of how it is made, will never fade with age.


This typewriter can be blindingly bright.


This typewriter goes by the name Monumento a Vittorio Emanuele II.


This typewriter, you may be able to figure out by now, is hated by the Romans.


That is not because this typewriter can’t actually type or write, but because of its pompous name and presence, its sheer volume, and how differently it was made and designed.


To avoid calling it by its actual name, the Romans gave it unflattering nicknames such as “The Wedding Cake”, “The False Teeth”, or “The Typewriter”.


As a tourist, I love this typewriter.


Last Call …



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  1. Great photos, Rommell. They remind me our trip last year. When we were there, “The Wedding Cake” was the only name we were told 😉
    Have a great day.

  2. It looks great! Yes they hate it; it takes up too much space and perhaps money to upkeep as well. 🙂 It is nonetheless, an amazing monument that serves as a reminder — one that no-one seems to want to heed there!

    • DUH! 🙃 I feel like going for the cliche that each and every one is unique…. But I’m totally, most definitely, 100%, no doubt about it, utterly and completely unique. 😀

    • They’re successful in giving it a horrible nickname, isn’t it? Note to self, don’t call my future monument by my name. Ahihihi. 😜

    • Yeah, I knew about it but I didn’t opt to go to the top because of time. And, I knew there are other high places nearby to get a good view of Rome anyways.

  3. Very intriguing. Had my mind thinking “typewriter” (what I used to type on), and with the relation to the photos I was thinking, “where is this going”? 🙂

    Great photos, and what a unique mane for this magnificent monument. I have never been to Europe but really want to someday! 🙂

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