Ephemeral Beauty of Cherry Blossoms in Takato, Japan


Cherry Blossoms are everywhere here in Japan this time of the year. But where exactly are the best places to go in Japan to see cherry blossoms?


The margin in catching cherry blossoms in full bloom is quite delicate. It’s because cherry blossoms are … well … delicate.


They last only a week or two. Fragile as they are, wind and rain can end their stay abruptly.


They’re so pretty… but feeble. And their short existence even adds to their appeal.


Ephemeral beauty!



Are you ready for more? 😀







Takato Castle Ruins Park is one of the top three places for cherry blossoms viewing. The park is located in Nagano, about 60 km south of Matsumoto.




It boasts to have 1,500 cherry trees of pinkish Kohigan variety.



Fluffs and fluffs and fluffs of cherry blossoms were blanketing me that it felt like I was in heaven.






To make the most out of your visit to Takato, you have got to see this …


The caveat is that you need to do a bit of a hike up.


You will have to cross the bridge.


See more beautiful cherry blossoms along the way.



Hike up a bit.


And you’ll be blessed with a paradisaical surprise.


Cherry blossom is very well a reminder that life is beautiful but tragically short. That life is precious and precarious at the same.


And as the old adage goes … Live life to your fullest.




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  1. So pretty, Rommel. It reminds me of DC, and I, for one, really appreciate the gift (cherry trees) from Japan.
    Enjoy your trip. Have a wonderful day.

  2. It isn’t possible to have too many, is it? They are just fabulous and you just can’t envy me beaches when you have this for compensation- however fleeting. I wouldn’t sleep for the 2 weeks but get drunk on cherry blossom. 🙂

  3. It looks like heaven to me, as well. Can’t wait to show this to a friend who is ecstatic about cherry blossoms. This is going to give her some beautiful nightmare. 🙂 Beautiful shots!

  4. Oh the higher you get, the more you’ll see the entire city blanketed by cherry blossoms! Which makes it all the more beautiful! Lovely when they’re juxtaposed with the age-old castle designs and winding streets. They’ve got a very strong aroma, is that right?

    • I don’t know. I didn’t smell anything. I don’t ever want to be too close to those flowers. I know how delicate they are. Then again, I don’t have strong sense of smell at all anyways. 😀

  5. Opposite of my mother, I’ve always liked trees far more than flowers but i’ve always been extremely impressed by the sight of cherry blossoms in springtime. I guess I get the best of both worlds then.

  6. Glorious frothy cherry blossoms Rommel Worth a bit of a hike to overlook such a sight just wonderful .

  7. Love these photos! We used to live in DC where there are many of these trees. It was such a privilege to live there and get to see them every spring. Thank you for sharing these!

  8. Rommel, It must be wonderful to travel the world like you do. It’s a great thing to do when you are young, because that’s when one wants to do it. Love the cherry blossoms. We have them here in Staten Island, NY, too, but the trees here are more scattered. It’s like one cherry blossom tree there, and one over there.

  9. Truly amazing pictures!! We loved Japan so much that we have written about it a lot. We were there in the summer but seeing these pictures we know we will have to return in springtime!

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