Delos Island in Greece


Mykonos sure is an interesting place, but I’m not very fond of it. One reason why is that I found it lacking with historical sights. However, there is an even more interesting island nearby that can patch that hole.

Enter Delos.


Delos is an uninhabited island. The only dwelling residents there are remains of the past. Mind you, it gets more visitors than my crib. 😀


It’s all a bunch of rocks, an archaeological site. That’s all it is, but not “just” it. People cannot live here. That’s how sacred and historically important and valued this place is.


According to Greek mythology, it is the birthplace of Apollo and his twin sister, Artemi.


It’s a small island, but it’s so vast with so many archaeological findings. It’s a dwelling to many temples and statues, housing of many Greek gods and goddesses. It was a magnificent experience to see and visit.




There is an ancient theater. I always love seeing one. It always make me envision the gatherings of god and goddesses being entertained.


Delos made our trip to Mykonos worthwhile.


Before I forget. Beside the fact that no one can make Delos a home, no one is also allowed to either give birth or die on it. So be extra careful with every movement you make if you visit this island. 😉

Last Call…



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  1. Oh I love Greek Mythology. I fell in love with it in Athens, and decided I wanted to be Athena in a past life (full of wisdom!) Delos is such an interesting place. I love that they respect the sacred land and that no one can live there. My sister who works with the indigenous in Australia tells us of the stories of people who enter sacred land without respect or permission or take things from this land, often become very sick or cursed for many years. Once they give back what they took, they become well again. It is such interesting history! Thanks for sharing Rommel..

  2. What a marvellous place to visit. Pity those two statues have been beheaded. I would have like to see what they looked like. Love that no-one is allowed to die on this island. Do you have to have a medical checkup before you get off the boat? 😕

  3. That Theatre !! Such a size …. and now filled with empty echos …wonder where the statue heads ended up
    Lovely shots Rommel .

  4. That’s your lady? Very nice 🙂 Love the 2 headless fashion plates too. Hot as hell when I was on Delos last, Rommel. You’re right- it’s an experience. 🙂

  5. Your wonderful detailed photos have clearly shown the grandeur of the island of Delos,dear Rommel!I wish mine were equally professional like yours.Glad to see that you have visited some remarkable archaeological sites in my country 🙂

  6. The birthplace of Apollo and his twin sister, Artemi? Wow! You are so lucky for being there. It looks so impresive, and fortunately it is a protected place.Have a great day!

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