Amalfi Coast in Italy

Back in September, I was lucky to attend a two-week training class in Italy. I Didn’t let that chance to re-explore Italy to just slip away. I decided to go to a most personal favorite city, Rome, and what was a new travel destination to me, the Amalfi Coast.

I bring you …





…Amalfi Coast.

The coastal drive to get there is a sightseeing experience on its own. South Italy Coast is just gorgeous!


There is a remarkable church behind the port.



By the time I was done roaming around, it was already getting dark. The moon made a dramatic appearance.




It made the views of Amalfi Coast even more picturesque.


Amalfi Coast, to me, is one for the bucket list, but not exactly one for the books. The coastal drive really makes up to my high expectation of it. A gratifying, dream-come-true travel destination nonetheless.


Last Calls…



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  1. The houses look like Lego, all piled on top of each other! I’ve seen film of the drive but never the town or sea. The church is spectacular and your moon shots, just wow Rommel!

  2. Rommel I am so thrilled that you have returned to Italy! I hope to get to the Amalfi Coast this year when I go. I’ve seen Roma (loved it) and Napoli (loved that more) but have yet to get down to the coast. Sorrento maybe this year. This visit will be for 3 weeks, 1 week on the shores of Sicily.
    You have been to so many places around the world and I’m glad you love Italy.

    • Sicily is awesome. Anywhere in Italy, I’m sure you’d enjoy. Happy to hear from you, and happy to hear you’re coming back. I still remember your stories. 😉

  3. Before we had kids we rented a scooter and rode the coast road, one of our favourite memories. It was before we had our blog, your photos make me think of doing a flashback post, but your pics are a bit better than ours I think.

  4. Love Italy, dare I say, even more than Greece? Maybe I should have married an Italian rather than a greek!!
    Of the countless times I’ve visited Italy, I never seem to have explored the Amalfi area in ant depth, always seems to have been more Tuscany, Rome, Florence , Milan, etc.
    I can feel another visit coming on!
    Fab pictures, by the way Rommel.

    • I concur on your first sentence, but don’t tell anybody.. 😀 That’s what happened in my two-year residency in Italy. We focused more on the upper of part of Italy. I think most people do. Not thinking that most people are missing out on the glory of South Italy coast.

  5. Spectacular beauty and interest. I am so glad to see you enjoyed the opportunity to visit a portion of Italy you’d not yet explored. I’d love to see this gorgeous coat!

    • Benefit of a blogging… You can look back at your posts and refresh the memories no matter how distant they are. Glad to hear from you again, Jo. I’ve been napping for quite a bit. 🙂

  6. As I mentioned, we spent 2+ wks in Naples and Rome. We considered the drive down the Amalfi Coast, but decided to save that for another trip as Naples had so much to do in town. We would definately do 2+ weeks in the Naples region in the future. I see you have some posts on Naples and Rome. I’ll wander over there a little later (time to make breakfast for my father).

    • Both are my favorites! I lived in Naples for two year so it’s the nearest dearest in my heart. And Rome, being an open air museum, is truly a front runner for my top city.

  7. Rommel, I am always stunned by the way you approach any opportunity you have to explore and create new experiences and memories…and like with the Amalfi Coast post here, it is always such a stunning story accompanied with brilliant photography. It is always so fun to read your posts, as I always hear/read/see what you are describing and then afterwards begin dreaming of my vacation there 🙂 Beautiful!

  8. Who wouldn’t want to just sit there glorying in it all Rommel … tiers of buildings are so picturesque … and the coffee wonderful no doubt …. I’d love a trip there 🙂

  9. Superb series of photos,dear Rommel!Italy is one of my favourite destinations for its unending natural beauties and its history.It’s a memorable experience to explore Amalfi Coast with the craggy coasts,the wild mountains hanging above and the hilltop quaint towns.We’re lucky we have easy access to Italy from Greece.Lots of Italians visit us and we gladly return their visits 🙂

  10. Rommel your photos of the Amalfi Coast are truly spectacular. So much clarity and color, and the awesome mountainside. You captured it well, I feel as if I have just been there. Your nighttime photos, the moon, the lights, are so elegant. Thank you for this visit to Italy.

  11. Only spent one afternoon/evening on the Amalfi Coast but it was an experience I’ll never forget, including the harrowing bus ride there, eating at the restaurant on the beach as the sun went down and the moonlight trip back to Sorrento. Your beautiful photos bring back all the wonderful memories.

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