Catania in Sicily, Italy

I only had a weekend to explore Catania in Sicily, Italy. During my short visit there, I saw it as a cross between Naples and Rome.


I was actually walking around with a very awesome travel buddy. We were in the same training class together. We talked about travel experiences over Sicilian cuisine, arancini (very popular there), and glasses of wine and limoncello. I was lucky to find a travel buddy who has itchy feet like I am and would not complain about places like Catania, places that are not exactly aesthetically pleasing to most people.


It’s quite … uhm … dumpy over there. The buildings look aged and uncared for. But if you can be open minded and really look pass the … uhm … “greasy” layer of the buildings. you can still notice how magnificent the architectural designs of the buildings are no matter how battered the appearance is.



The city looks so unorganized. Dysfunctional. It’s noisy. It’s clammy. It’s mucky. It’s busy as heck! And to me, it looks so alive … so liberating.


And despite it’s chaotic nature, the historical side of the city is so evident everywhere.




They have an elephant statue, an elephant!, standing as an emblem of the city. Something that is so uncharacteristic of Italian culture.

12027511_10153732472713578_1278378508588958225_n (1)

You can still drive a little further and get away from the hustle and bustle of the city.



Catania may never be a contender for the cleanest, most organised city, but to me … I was soaking in the chaos surrounding me as if I was lying down a peaceful meadow. I was loving the moment of being in a city full of everyday people living real everyday lives.

Last Call…


All images are taken with an old Nokia phone.

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  1. Amazing photos taking on a Nokia?? It is interesting how they have an Elephant in the square? It is more Indian than Italian. I believe there is always beauty beyond the surface. Good attitude Rommel. 🙂

  2. Fun post. My husband’s family is from Sicily, but we’ve never been there. It’s on our bucket list. Thanks for the intro. I love the elephant, any your uhm … sense of humor. 🙂

  3. Hi Rommel, I looked at a related post about the Venetian in Las Vegas. Guess what? Now you will find two comments I made on your earlier post one year apart! Happy holidays to you and God bless your New Year 2016 and whatever and wherever you find yourself!
    ~Liz from Hawaii

  4. Thanks for posting it. I have been to Catania a couple of years ago on a mission trip to the Roma people that live and pass through there in great numbers. Your photographs reminded me of that time. 🙂

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