South Italy Coast

South Italian Coast is gorgeous! …and that’s putting it lightly.


We were ooh-ing and aah-ing inside the bus. It certainly took my breath away.


Last September, I was blessed to revisit Italy once again after five years of ever dreaming of coming back. I had two weekends in Napoli. I decided to travel to a familiar place, Rome, and a place that I didn’t get to see before, Amalfi Coast.



It’s cheap transportation too! The fare from Napoli to Sorrento is only about 3 Euros. Then the tour bus costs 16 Euros to and from Amalfi. So that’s about 22 Euros of transportation expenses in total. I say not too shabby for such incredible views and travel experiences.


And, you can visit Sorrento and Positano all in one.



The road is narrow, winding and steep! I recommend just taking one of the tour buses or having an experienced driver to take you there.


If you’re ever in Southern part of Italy, a trip to Amalfi won’t be a disappointment.


The drive there is an unforgettable sightseeing on its own.


I’ll show you Amalfi Coast on a later post. Here’s for now…


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  1. So happy for you that you made it back to one of your dream destinations. 😀 I’m longing for Italy myself in these cold, grey winter days of Seoul. Gorgeous photos as usual, and can’t wait to see the rest of the posts!

  2. You made me smile with your comment re the roads Rommel .. thinking back to the road to Balos 😀 and others in Crete …
    Clinging villages on the coastline are so picturesque … and looks like a lovely positioned coffee place on the front there 😉
    Enjoy !

  3. Hi Rommel, I see you’re still travelling! We definitely want to get down to Italy, preferably on the bikes, and maybe visit the Ducati factory! Love your pics, and great info re bus travel. Gotta get down there!

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